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Strategies for Leveraging Diversity in Your Organization

Modern business is based not only on the desire for profit, but also on humanism. Now the corporate culture focuses on the needs of each employee as an individual. We are talking about a new trend – DEI (D- diversity, E- equity, I- inclusion). Diversity and inclusion strategy is one of the most important things in your business, so recruiting for diversity and inclusion and hiring diversity in the workplace will be the best choice for the success of your business.

The Three Essential Components of a DEI Culture

● Diversity is the inclusion of people from different minorities in a team, taking into account race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and physical abilities.
● Equity – Every minority member on the team is given access to company resources. The business supports the employee at all stages of his development and promotes growth.
● Inclusion is the first step towards building a tolerant corporate community “without barriers”. Every minority employee feels like a valued unit of the company.

Key benefits of DEI.

  •  In 2015, McKinsey published Why diversity matters. It said that in the US, companies with a more diverse ethnic and racial culture were 35% more productive than those with the national average demographics. In addition, businesses that were hired by people of different genders were 15% more productive.
  • According to a Forbes study, inclusive teams are able to generate 87% more alternative solutions.
  • 88% of millennials are actively involved in business processes when an inclusive model is implemented in the organization.
  •  DEI promotes innovation and growth for companies. Harvard Business Review found that businesses with a DEI culture are 70% more likely to enter a new market. In addition, they are 45% more likely to report an increase in market share compared to last year.

How to adapt employees to DEI.

DEI provides an opportunity to engage human resources that were previously inaccessible to HR. For example, it gives people with disabilities hope for full self-realization.

According to research by the International Labor Organization, there are 1 billion people with disabilities in the world, 80% of them are of working age. The best work format for this group is remote. It has become a great opportunity for them to realize themselves, especially during the corona crisis.

The peculiarity of the DEI culture is that it is effective when everyone is involved in it – employees, top management, HR department. It is important for HR professionals to understand that representatives of different social groups in a team have different needs. Brands need to have a specialist on staff who adapts to such an employee in the company.

To make the workplace comfortable for new team members, you can pay attention to:

● Corporate gifts. Their design should suit everyone, regardless of gender, gender, faith and sexual orientation.
● Offices and meeting rooms must be accessible to all team members and guests.
● Code of Conduct (rules of corporate etiquette for employees). It can be posted on the website, as well as supplement the employment contract with clauses from the Code, the terms of which must be accepted by everyone in the team.

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