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Steps to Create Shopify Custom Payment Method for eCommerce Store

Do you want exceptional payment gateways that allow for a smooth checkout experience if you’re seeking the finest Shopify payment gateways? You also want a Shopify payment gateway that won’t cause you any headaches when it comes to payout and account reconciliation. However, choosing the best Shopify development agency that delivers Shopify custom development for the payment gateways is challenging to undertake for an ordinary business owner. The reason behind it is that there are so many payment gateways out promising sunshine and rainbows.

Therefore, you can have a Shopify custom payment gateway to enable your consumers to make purchases. So, you can provide new options to the customers to increase the sales of your eCommerce store. The benefits of adopting a custom payment option include not having to pay transaction fees and being able to approve orders after receiving payment.

So, there are two approaches to do the manual payment on the eCommerce store. The first is manual payment, and the second is to create a custom payment method on Shopify.

How to establish a custom payment method in Shopify?

In Shopify, there are two techniques for integrating custom payment methods.

Making use of the Shopify Hosted Payment SDK

Shopify’s Hosted Payment SDK allows you to connect a hosted payment page to your Shopify checkout. Moreover, all Hosted Payment SDK connections use a full-page redirect in payment.

Pros: With this method, Shopify hosts the custom payment option, which is then displayed in Shopify’s list of payment gateways for all Shopify merchants.

Cons: Access to the Hosted Payment SDK is limited and considered for approval. The payment gateway provider must fill out and submit the Shopify Hosted Payment SDK Request Form.

Now, Shopify is not accepting these request forms. So, they are left only with manual integration.

Manual Integration 

The majority of Shopify custom payment gateway providers use a workaround to involve manually hosting the app on their own web server.

This method does not necessitate the use of the Shopify hosted payment SDK or any further Shopify post-development verification. A custom payment method can be put up by any payment gateway provider who hires a Shopify developer. Furthermore, Shopify does not allow an app to make changes to its checkout page without the merchant’s permission.

So, to create a Shopify custom development for the payment gateway, the merchants need to move one step further to allow the application to enhance Shopify’s default customization and make it visible in the payment list.

How to create a Shopify Custom payment Method in your Online Store?

Step 1: Select Payment Providers from the drop-down menu.

Press the gear icon, open Settings at the bottom of the admin page, and select Payment providers.

Step 2: Select Create a custom payment method 

Accept payments and Payment authorization are the two sections of the Payment providers. Select Create custom payment method from the drop-down Activate custom payment list in the Manual payments section.

Step 3: Fill in the Name and Instructions.

The name of the custom payment method, Additional details, and Payment instructions will all appear in the detailed settings for the payment method. So, fill the spaces below of the name and the guideline. It will help your client to comprehend how to pay for their orders using this technique. Moreover, all the instructions should be in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner.

Furthermore, the name you choose for payment must not be the same as one of the following:

  • Bank deposit
  • Cash
  • Cash On Delivery (COD)
  • Custom
  • External Credit
  • External Debit
  • Gift Card
  • Money Order
  • Store Credit

Step 4: Make a custom payment method active.

To conclude, click the Activate button after the settings once you’ve done all of the preceding steps.

  • Go to Store after you’ve downloaded the Shopify app. Then, just over the Support, press the Settings button.
  • Under the Store settings area, look for Payments.
  • Manual payments are found at the end of the Accept payments section. This payment method has a brief description and an activated custom payment method box.

Select Create custom payment method at the second level of the list after clicking this box. Here also, you need to fill in the name and payment instructions. After it, you can press the activate button to complete the process. So, these are the steps you can perform to create a custom manual payment method for your Shopify store.


Choosing the right Shopify payment gateway for your e-commerce site is crucial to its long-term viability. You want a one-click payment solution that encourages your consumers to return while also ensuring that no hidden fees are draining your revenue. It is a good idea to have Shopify custom development for the payment method and integrate with an online store. Perhaps, there are no one-size-fits-all payment solutions, as you may have noted from the explanations above.

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