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Steel Cabinet with Storage and Garment Hanging

Businesses can profit from stainless steel cabinet in staff kitchens and bathrooms, as well as storage on the warehouse floor. Stainless steel cabinets are a long-lasting, sturdy option that may be use in a variety of sectors. They provide a cost-effective way to get more storage capacity in constantly changing surroundings. Consider the advantages of purchasing a steel cabinet before making your next storage decision.

Metal combination storage and garment hanging cabinets make it easy to maximise storage space. The 20 gauge steel is strong enough for long-term use while maintaining a clean and professional appearance. The cabinets are ideal for any area, including your workplace or warehouse, due to their durability and attractiveness.

There are three cabinet layouts available (storage, wardrobe, and combination). One fix upper shelf and three adjustable shelves are included in storage cabinets, one fixed upper shelf and coat rod are included in wardrobe cabinets, and combination cabinets include one fixed full-width shelf, three half-width shelves, and a half-width coat rod are included in combination cabinets. The metal combination storage cabinet is an excellent choice for keeping uniforms and related equipment in one convenient location. In addition, depending on your needs, the cabinets can be order with solid, glass, or ventilated doors.


The combination storage cabinets also have the following features:

  • For a clean and professional appearance and to prevent tampering, there are no visible bolt or rivet heads on the front or sides of cabinets.
  • Doors, body, and shelves are made of 20 gauge metal.
  • Extra rigidity and durability are provided by corner gussets.
  • When weight is evenly distribute, the shelf capacity is 250 pounds.
  • Flexible storage with adjustable shelves every 2 inches
  • A three-point locking handle with a built-in key cylinder lock is supply on the top, middle, and bottom, allowing for more secure locking.
  • With 16 gauge continuous piano hinges, doors open 180 degrees, allowing for extensive usage and wear.
  • Solid doors, window doors, and vented doors are the three door alternatives available.
  • Storage, wardrobe, or storage and wardrobe combo are the three options.
  • Four 4′′ lockable swivel casters rated at 350 lbs. each are included with mobile cabinets.
  • Ships fully assembled or disassembled with simple assembly instructions.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of two years

Metal Combination Storage Cabinet can be purchase online.

Metal combination storage cabinets for supplies and hanging garments can be purchase assemble or unassemble online.


A steel cabinet is essential for keeping all types of crucial documents organised in your office. With many secrets and precious papers, your office assists you in keeping your business safe and secure. A fire-resistant steel file cabinet will not harm your documents. Furthermore, a stylish steel file cabinet adds to the aesthetic appeal of your office. It’s incredibly simple to use. You also don’t have to clean on a regular basis. It is made of extremely robust and long-lasting steel. As a result, this is the ideal filing cabinet for your office.

You must choose from the several types of office storage cabinets available one that meets your demands and works in your favour over time so you don’t have to continually buying new ones. Making a list of the goods you wish to store before purchasing storage is always a good idea.

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