Starting an SEO Freelancer Career: What You Should Know

Know how to develop your freelancing SEO game and get the rewards of understanding how to reimagine your SEO profession.

Freelancing is idealized and portrayed as a way to get away from a nagging supervisor that doesn’t appreciate you.

When people begin earning for themselves, however, they frequently discover that they ‘leave 9-5 to work 24/7.’

This can have a negative impact on your self-esteem and psychological health, but it doesn’t negate the benefits of freelancing.

  • Network with Others

There are those who have been there before you, no matter where you are. They have knowledge and experience that you can use.

Getting advice from such folks can save you months of research.

Can’t simply send a DM with a list of queries or anything generic like ‘help me.’ People would gladly assist you if you create relationships instead.

The responses you receive are determined on the queries you pose. As a result, remember to ask targeted questions that will help you shift the needle.

  • Build Your Online Presence

You have the potential to be the finest SEO ever. However, if no one knows about it, it will be difficult to succeed.

We live in a system where there are so many voices on social media, and yours should be heard as well.

You may utilize LinkedIn to increase your visibility. You may utilize Twitter, launch a newsletter, or do it all at the same time. It’s all up to you.

But believe me when I say that having a strong internet presence makes it much simpler to communicate to potential.

  • Treat Yourself as a Business

You are now an accountant, a salesperson, an account manager, and a legal department when you start your own firm.

You also have to pay your taxes (which might be terrifying at first).

This must be factored into your service rate. Calculating the hourly rate you earned at a day job isn’t enough. To pay all additional costs, you’ll need a few times more.

  • Learn to Price Services Better

Even if you’re now the sole employee, you now have the knowledge that you’re running a firm.

Profit is the primary purpose of any firm. So the next step is to accept it and stop selling yourself short (it might be easier when you see your first tax bill).

Here are some takeaways:

  • Don’t work for peanuts.
  • Instead of invoicing by the hour, use project-based pricing.
  • Continuously improve and raise your rates as a result.

Learn to Sell Better

You’re selling whenever you pick up the phone and call a potential customer.

You’re selling even if you’re just conversing or discussing your previous successes.

You’re pitching ideas, outcomes, your expertise, and your firm. Any conversation with a potential customer is a sales pitch.

The earlier you grasp it, the better.

  • Create Simple But Proven Processes

Establishing routines can help you increase the efficiency of your freelancing business and increase your profit margins. Processes can also be useful for delegating later on, if you decide to hire somebody to assist you.

You don’t have to make anything elaborate. A process might begin with a simple checklist that you can build upon over time.

  • Build Assets for Business

You begin to perceive audience research in a new light, master copywriting, and gain a deeper understanding of your SEO clients.

Furthermore, assets provide you with passive income and keep you occupied when there isn’t a lot of client activity. Top ecommerce development companies can help you build assets for your business to boost success.

  • Ready Yourself for a Long Journey

It’s not simple to get started as a freelancer. You’ll have to find out a lot of stuff quickly. It may also be isolating.

All of this might lead to continual overworking and mental health difficulties.

Therefore, before it becomes too difficult to remember who you are outside of your business, take care of yourself and your work/life balance.

  1. Have Some Rules & Stick to Them

You can’t take on every SEO assignment that comes your way. You won’t be able to work with all of the clients who come to you.

Attempting to assist everyone will simply exhaust you.

Initially, it will be difficult for you to say no to new tasks. It will, however, pay off in the long term.

  • Help, Grow, & Scale

You are priceless. You can help someone who is a few steps behind you in anything, no matter where you are in your freelancing career.

You may contribute in any way that fits you, for example by writing a blog post, tweeting a tip, or answering a question in a Slack group.

Simply remember that your expertise counts, and one day you’ll be the one assisting somebody who is just getting started.

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