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Social Media – Handling Negative Comments or Fake Comments

How do we deal with negative comments or false comments posted on social platforms on the web? This is a growing concern and the root of the problem is that social media cannot be “controlled”.

The best defense is of course a good offense. Provide consistent company information and stay deeply engaged with your community to build and maintain loyalty even when you’re under attack.

But what happens when your brand is targeting by competitors, political groups, or the environment and the negative impact starts to feel for you?

The first rule is to stay calm! Don’t answer right away, don’t try to stop the discussion.

Read all comments and take the time necessary to fully understand the issue or issue raised. Research inside and outside your company and gather facts, accurate information about the real situation. Honesty and accuracy are your best weapons.

Important Things

Once you have all the facts, the important thing is to be transparent. Don’t blindly defend your brand but also offer accurate, factual information for those who want to learn more. You may want to create a special page on your site that contains factual information and links to other documents or public information including better business ratings, company guidelines for doing business, ethical practice reports, etc. actually circulated.

If you find there is a partial truth containing in the lies hurled on the part of your brand. Emphasize that the company wants to be responsive to community concerns seriously. Follow what steps your company is taking to address issues and remedy the situation. Keep your community informed about your progress.

Another option for countering false or false information about your brand is to consider providing a hotline where people can call for additional information.

The purpose of these measures is simply to provide open, factual information and allow the public to see that your brand is committed to transparency for its constituents.

Ensure that the reputation of your employees who are responsible for social media within your company is impeccable – personal and professional. You want your brand to be representing professional, ethical, honest, and caring people.

Anyone who does not rise to a professional level should be moving away from social media activities on behalf of the company.

Always put your best face forward on social media. You don’t want to provide the detractors with ammunition they can use against you.

Loyal Customers

Count on loyal customers and fans to help set things straight. Get to know and develop strong relationships with your influencers and customers. Let them help you balance things out by posting related positive comments and links to information that addresses the facts of the matter. If they have personal experiences that conflict with the issues raised that can encourage them to share.

If negative issues are so high, this might be a good time to add a video testimonial to your site or a video discussing an event that affected your company. It provides another way of providing factual information dissemination to the public indirectly without posting any defensive on social platforms.

One of the things you should try to avoid is not to post anything defensive – regardless of whether they are true or not.

Don’t make negative comments about the company or people who post negative comments about your brand. This starts a mud-slinging campaign that will only hurt your brand more. This is of course non-productive and will not be well received by society.

Don’t pull up your social media pages. Track and use daily alerts so you can monitor comments and stay on top of chatters. If something negative is posted, deal with it quickly (after doing your due diligence of course) to avoid it escalating into something big.

That’s the case if you are promoting and people welcome you negatively, stay positive


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