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Six tips before falling asleep, for a regenerative rest

Although we spend about 33% of our life dozing off, rest is certainly not an exercise in futility. Regenerative rest is the foundation of many bodily activities and balances many pictures. A decent rest relaxes, rests, and regenerates the mind and body. On the other hand, a terrible rest makes us tired, anxious, and irritable.

Although it is perhaps the most normal thing on the planet. An increasing number of individuals find it difficult to fall asleep effectively. And rest constantly for the 7-9 hours a day suggested by the experts.

Here are 6 ways to rest healthily

1: Light dinner and drink in moderation

At dinner, stay away from foods that are too heavy or high in sugar. Alcohol should also be avoided. It has been shown that liqueurs modify rest: in the first place. Accelerates withering, causes respiratory problems and in the second part of the evening, they rest. Making it less wonderful and calming. This would be based on the fact that alcohol decreases the REM phase. Which is the part of rest where we dream deeply and rest. Also Before falling asleep, it is smarter to drink a relaxing homemade valerian tea. And chamomile tea, or help yourself with a melatonin charge in the light.

2: No game

Exercising before bed can cause sleep deprivation and trouble falling asleep. These two reasons can be found in the endorphins provided by real work which invigorate the movement of the mind, making individuals more ready than at rest; and the expansion of internal heat levels caused by active work. Indeed, if a decrease in the level of internal heat blesses fatigue, an increase in it means the opposite difference.

3: scrub

It means a lot to find a way before going to sleep to expel the pressures and terrible contemplations accumulated during the day: a decent self-massage helps to relax the brain and muscles and to accelerate a better rest. Arm yourself with cream and start with the feet, gradually knead the lower part, stretch the thumbs and pay attention and care to the toes, starting with the big toe.

She is prescribed to do it with her hands in any case with a warm and slow but deep development.Then transfer to the hands and wrists, perform a gentle but firm back massage even in this situation, loosen the joints of the thumb and wrist, check the center of the hands well and concentrate on the fingers, kneading them separately.

Then in the end it depends on the head: rub with gentle movements starting from the center of the eyebrows and going to the temples, from the base of the hair to the eyebrows. This can be done very well by making small circles in the shrines.

In case we were lethargic, to relieve the pressure, some breathing activities would also be excellent, perhaps using the 4-7-8 technique (Inhale completely and let all the air out of the lungs. Aim, close the mouth and inhale through the nose intellectually increasing to 4. Hold the breath for 7 and then exhale for 8 seconds.) Taking a moment for yourself after a day of work is great!

4: Turn off electronic devices

The last option is to emit a false blue light, which can limit the arrival of the rest of the activating chemical, melatonin. This can interfere with the natural clock and phantasy/wake rhythm. The more time you spend in front of an electronic gadget, especially at night, the longer the delay in melatonin discharge, so dozing off is a test.

5: Scroll a few pages too

According to a review from the University of Sussex (Great Britain), quietly reading a book or newspaper for just six minutes reduces heart rate and muscle pressure, reduces feelings of anxiety by 68,% and avoids various exercises such as walking (42% ), tasting tea (54%) or paying attention to music (61%).

6: Be “on time” and try to always nod at the same time

The human body is constant. Constantly reshaping our schedules, deviating earlier, hours later, and often swinging the number of long rest periods and recovery hours, is not great for our well-being and does not make us rest. Maybe we are constantly moving the hands of our natural clock back and forth! When we follow a daily schedule, our natural clock works better: our body seems to be preparing for rest. 

Here are some items prescribed by the Italian pharmacy Farmamy to try 6 tips to rest better: ·

  • Aboca natural tea INFUSED TWO FLOWERS 20 channels.·
  • AVEENO body cream yogurt apricots and honey 300 ml.·
  • Melatonin Act Forte 5 rest supplement 60 tablets.·
  • Swisse Valerian Sleep and Relax supplement 50 tablets

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