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Serviced Apartments in Bracknell

Short term accommodation in Bracknell

Serviced Apartments in Bracknell

Bracknell Serviced Apartments provide affordable and comfortable fully furnished serviced accommodation to leisure and business travellers visiting in and around the Bracknell area, on a short-and long term basis.

All our apartments come with fully equipped kitchens for cooking, Free WiFi, Bedding and Towels, SMART TV, cleaning, and FREE Parking as a standard offering.

We have been serving local and international guests for a number of years and are proud of our accommodation services to the local corporate clients and their employees.

Our clients include relocation agencies, short-term corporate booking agencies, insurance relocation agencies, contractors, international students, local businesses having overseas employees on short term project assignments looking for accommodation in Bracknell.

Should you have any short or long term serviced apartments requirements in Bracknell and surrounding areas then please get in touch with us with your specific requirements and we endeavour to exceed your expectations.

Our serviced accommodation in Bracknell also offers:

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Constructions Industry And Its Impact Due To Crisis:

Construction sites have shut down in many countries due to the pandemic, and this has cost a significant impact on worker accommodation in the UK negatively. Construction working provides Self Catering Holiday Cottages for the guests and offers individuals with disabilities equal access to the websites. The construction business is the only industry that can work during the COVID crisis, and most of the hotels were forced to shut to prevent people from travelling from one place to another. But that is not the case with construction work.

It might seem to be quite a challenging thing to do, but there is a way to do it in a better way. For that, leaders must define and prepare for the construction industry planning after this Crisis. Many possible actions will allow you to participate and adapt to the next normal.

This pandemic has also shown a shock to the supply. Due to Crisis, workers are not able to reach construction sites. So it is essential to adhere to new onsite protocols, which will reduce the overall productivity for the foreseeable future.

Accommodation providers and Online Travel Agencies:

Twenty years ago, there were no OTAs, and hotels were dependent on different parties like tour machinists and travel agents for getting bookings. Flight booking was the first to digitize an automated booking system available to travel agents by the late 70s. Hotels were different; people had a clear preference for the hotel chain, often phoned directly to check availability and valued the personal touch for their hospitality needs. Travelocity is the first online travel agency launched in 1996, and Expedia followed hotels and chased hotels for access to their inventories, offering a small commission of 10 percent. Hotels agreed as most of them did not have the websites, and this was their chance to occupy the vacant room, but once the traveler discovered online booking, they did not go back.

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