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Secrets Amazon Wholesale Suppliers want you to Know

Amazon Wholesalers Suppliers provide sellers with the opportunity to buy a large number of products at a much lower price. If you purchase more products, chances are high that you receive a better discount for an order. 

It’s not a question: in the year 2019, Amazon is the most convenient location to sell wholesale goods. There is no other website that has such a low level of technical knowledge as Amazon, or boasts such a huge client base. If you put all selling platforms from third-party sellers in a row, it’s simple to understand the reasons Amazon is the best of them all.

While making use of Amazon as a platform might appear to be a standard but finding items to sell is one of the biggest challenges of any online business. This is especially true when you’re a brand new seller.

We’ve developed a cheat sheet that will help you identify products and pick the right vendors in order to get the best deal for Amazon FBA. There are many of these on the internet, so we decided to ask the experts: wholesalers’ businesses themselves.

To be able to open wholesale accounts, it is necessary to think about the whole supply chain, not just what you’re getting from the purchase.

Build relationships

Do you want to have access to the latest products before everybody else? Do you desire exclusive products? Are you looking for cheaper costs? Each and every Amazon seller is looking to locate the same products but only a very few will put in the effort to build an ongoing connection with a wholesale business.

In reality, sellers prefer to submit an application and submit an order every six months. Discover ways to assist us.

You might be able to help them move a slow item or assist us in improving our supply chain by being registered as a brand on Amazon. The rewards will be numerous times over.

Focus on smaller wholesalers

Sometimes, the bottom is less lucrative than the highest. The bigger the number isn’t always the best. The chances of getting the account of a regional-focused supplier of party supplies are higher than acquiring the only Apple distributor. Make sure you are spending your time on the most profitable areas.

Choose local suppliers

There is no need for a product supplier (at beginning). It is possible to find hundreds of thousands customers who buy wholesale goods in China for sale on Amazon.

Utilizing companies that source products such as Alibaba could be a profitable way to make money when you have some knowledge of it, but staying with the high-end U.S. wholesale companies will make it easier to navigate Customs, import laws and other regulations.

Don’t sell under MAP

Don’t undercut us. We’re not going to undercut you. (minimum priced advertised) are the lowest-cost way brands and retailers can use to advertise that are set by wholesalers or manufacturers.

The reason for MAP is two-fold. The first is that prices are set to ensure that profit margins are consistent for each retailer/seller.

The second reason is that items priced too low can adversely affect the reputation of the brand and reduce the perceived value of the product.

The benefits of cutting MAP could be great in the short-term. However, don’t count on us to retain you as a client once you begin violating this policy.

Check selling guidelines

If you’re not sure about something If you don’t understand something, inquire. Every major U.S. wholesale company will have specific rules regarding how their products can be sold in particular in the case of Amazon.

Before you make a multi-pack, bundle and/or make other changes to the way the product is offered, ask for an inquiry.

We’re likely to not care (after everything, the primary goal is to transport as much of the product as we can) However, it’s always ideal to stay in the safe zone.

Just ask

There is no need to attend trade shows to discover us. The cost of trade shows can be high and time-consuming, particularly for sellers working on their startup. 

You can request a trade show brochure after the fact and all our information is in there. We attended an exhibition in the first place which tells you that we’re likely to be seeking new vendors.


The fact that we provide Amazon dropshipping does not mean that it’s an ideal idea. We collaborate with a variety of sellers including brick and mortar shops as well as smaller wholesalers, Shopify proprietors, private organizations and many more. Dropshipping is a popular method of delivery to fulfill a variety of needs however, an Amazon business is a completely different animal.

We’re not willing to ship for you, but ensure you’ve read through Amazon’s entire policy, and are aware of the potential risks prior to putting your order in for the benefit of a customer. 

If you’re not in agreement with the policy, you may delay delivery (and cost you the cost of your Amazon account. Be aware that you shouldn’t simply purchase through one of our online stores — it’s against Amazon’s policies.


Negotiation can be difficult. Don’t try to play one in charge when you’re at the table of bargaining. You’ll have more authority when you are the buying agent, office manager or in any other buying-related role.

This not only gives you some flexibility and flexibility, it also lets you be assertive when giving the credit (“I know we’ve been working in your company for a while, but my boss says that these prices aren’t suitable on our behalf.”

Don’t overlook the value of an email or letter inquiry. The simple act of sending out a formal letter might appear to be something from the past however, it’s extremely effective.

There are a myriad of templates on the internet, but ensure that you modify the one you prefer according to what Amazon FBA products you’re looking for.

You’ll quickly be able to gauge suppliers who are willing to communicate as well as those who don’t comply with your business plan.

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