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SAS: Features & Uses

To begin with, Statistical Analysis Systems (SAS) is a hand language useful for programming. Its primary objective is data analytics and it is one of the most popular tools in the market. In addition, SAS is a leading name in Data Analytics and it helps a business in taking appropriate decisions. It has a number of useful features and therefore is used by various sectors; many institutional organizations provide SAS Online Training.

Features Of SAS

SAS is capable of accessing the raw data files in almost any format. It has various data management tools for editing and formatting data. It uses various techniques such as statistics, forecasting, modeling, linear programming. Etc to analyze data. In addition, it helps in identifying the errors in business practices and making necessary changes in them. Apart from it, SAS has good data cleansing functions and features that let it interact with multiple hosts.

Has Powerful Data Analytics Ability

SAS ensures a complete package of tools useful for data analysis. This tool can conduct statistics from simple to advanced levels. In addition, it has inbuilt libraries that contain all the tools required for Data Analytics.

Has A 4th Gen Programming Language

This software comes with a 4th GL programming language as well as an interactive language. This language is user-friendly and modularizes jobs. Moreover, its DS2 feature helps in data manipulation and allows a user to manipulate complex data at its location.

SAS Studio

One can easily access the SAS studio from any browser and device without any client installation. In addition, this studio has an interactive nature and allows a user to add and create individual code snippets. It has an autocomplete feature that triggers various procedures while typing.

Supports Multiple Data Formats

With its advanced language, SS is capable of reading data from any kind of format and file. In addition, it ensures code singularity which allows it to operate with data in multiple languages. SAS provides support for widely used languages and its database ensures character encoding.

Provides Algorithms for Data Encryption

As this is a secure platform, it makes sure that its access remains confidential. Moreover, with its data encryption function, SAS is secure and potable for all devices.


SAS is helpful in managing alerts and monitoring the analytical environment. In addition, it lets you execute a failed program. Its application response measurement feature helps in checking the availability of the transaction.

Uses Of SAS

This tool was developed with the main objective of processing complex raw data and mining meaningful insights from it. In addition, this application is useful for decision-making and statistical analysis. Above all, SAS is helpful in accessing data on internal and external bases and providing output data in reports, statistical graphics. To further learn about the uses of SAS, one can enroll in SAS Training Institute in Noida. Given below are some of the domains with the applications of SAS.

  • Helps In Conducting Multivariate Analysis- Multivariate Analysis is useful in detecting and analyzing statistical variables of a result. It is conducted by studying the factors that will affect the variables on a single result. In addition, it works on factor analysis, bivariate analysis, and multiple regressions.
  • Provides Business Intelligence- SAS helps in providing strategies and making decisions regarding the functioning of a business. It provides useful insights relating to current and past business workings. Companies use various technologies such as data mining, process mining, benchmarking, etc. for analyzing data.
  • Predictive Analysis- This tool is useful in predicting the future by analyzing past data. It explores the factors that cause variation and hidden insights in data to present a predictive model for a business. Moreover, this helps in identifying risks and taking precautions for them.
  • Useful In Healthcare Sectors- It plays a very important role in the field of healthcare. It helps in diagnosing the medicine and taking clinical decisions. Above all, SAS is also useful in monitoring patients’ health and improvement.


SAS is used for data analytics purposes. It has strong Data analytics ability along with a 4th gen programming language. In conclusion, this tool is beneficial in managing and monitoring the analytical environment. Due to its features, it is used in various sectors and fields.

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