Samsung Galaxy A31 Price in Nigeria

Samsung Galaxy A31 Price in Nigeria 

The Samsung Galaxy A31 price in Nigeria will sell at a price of about $260 for the 6 GB RAM + 128 GB, while the 8 GB RAM + 128 GB will cost up to $487.

In Nigeria, it will start selling at a price of 115,000 Naira, 1,700 Ghs in Ghana, and 33,000 Ksh in Kenya. You can get the phone in Mirage Blue and Mirage Black color editions.

About Samsung Galaxy A31 in Nigeria

The process of understanding Samsung’s Galaxy A31 and M series models becomes more difficult by each month with new models being introduced with minor updates and don’t always match with each other in a coherent order. For instance, the new Galaxy M21 (Review) was mostly a Galaxy M30s (Review) with the selfie camera being different however, if you go by the model names, it’s not possible to connect the two.

While certain models in both the A and the M series do have a slight overlap in terms of pricing, there are some distinct differences between the two series. The majority of models from the A series have more attractive finishes and features like in-display fingerprint sensors, whereas the M series focuses on low prices.

Today, we’ll test the Samsung Galaxy A31, which, on paper, could be a better option than in the same way as its Galaxy A30 predecessor. As compared to the previous model it comes with the fourth camera on the rear as well as a larger battery, a larger-resolution display, and full capability for Samsung Pay, and of course, a price increase. The Galaxy A31 is available in one configuration that has 6 128 GB of internal storage for the price of Rs. 21,999, is this Galaxy A31 deserve a spot in our highly sought-after list of the best phones for less than the price of Rs. 25,000?.

Samsung Galaxy A31 Design and Price in Nigeria

Although its design for the Galaxy A31 isn’t exactly fresh for a low-cost Samsung phone, I appreciate the aspect that it’s thin and light. The body is made of polycarbonate and feels solid, however it can take fingerprints very quickly. The phone features a noticeable large chin that is thicker than the screen, as well as an Infinity-U cutout in the top to accommodate a selfie camera.

There’s a large SIM tray to the left, with room for two SIM cards as well as a micros card. The headphone jack and USB Type-C port, and speaker are on the lower part of the device. The back is covered in Samsung’s Prism Crush pattern, of which we have the blue variation. This phone also comes with white and back trims. The quad-camera cluster on the rear is a rectangular unit and doesn’t swell out too much.

Overall, it was a good experience. Galaxy A31 was comfortable to use every day throughout this review. It’s quite wide and reaching at the very top of the screen isn’t an easy task, however One UI comes with gestures that can help you do this. After seeing a lot of phones with similar designs on the back and front, the design is beginning to become a bit dull at this point. The box’s contents are normal too, with an aluminum case, a charger a USB cable and headset.

Samsung Galaxy A31 Display: AMOLED never disappoints


Galaxy A31 Galaxy A31 has a sharp 6.4-inch full-HD+ (1080×2400 pixels) Super AMOLED display. I found it sufficient in terms of the brightness even during daylight. The screen is flat, with no curves along the sides. There are no sharp edges, making it easy to perform gestures without an issue.

There’s a fingerprint sensor in the display, it’s not very fast, however it works when you apply a firm pressure. The time it takes to wake up the display and the motions for fingerprints, makes the whole process seem slow. I typically rely on face recognition as I found it to be more efficient. 

Samsung Galaxy A31 Performance and Price in Nigeria: Quite disappointing

Despite its solid design and quality, and its excellent display, however, performance is an issue. Samsung has utilized its MediaTek Helios P65 Octa-core SoC and I would not have a problem using it in a smartphone which costs less than Rs. 10,000, however I do not expect it to be on something which costs more than the amount of Rs. 20,000.

Galaxy A31 is slower in many of the benchmarks that are popular.

Samsung’s One UI v2.1, based on Android 10, also feels somewhat sluggish overall. There’s a constant indication of stutter in animations, and there was a slight lag when switching between applications. The stutter didn’t hinder my use in any way, however, waiting that additional second or two to see things happen isn’t what I’d expect at this price at this point. One UI has a lot of features with plenty of themes, shortcuts, and gestures to play with. Also, there’s Dolby Atmos, however only for wireless and wired headphones.

 The speaker is fairly loud, but the sound quality is merely average. The gameplay was acceptable, however they did not look like they could have. Also, I noticed a little of heat when playing games with longer durations.

Samsung Galaxy A31 Cameras : The disappointment is not over

So far, the Galaxy A31 isn’t looking too attractive, but maybe it could be improved by its camera capabilities. The apertures on all cameras aren’t very impressive as the aperture that is the main camera only f/2.0. The front camera has the 20-megapixel sensor.

In light of the cost of the phone as well as its position within the Samsung series, it’s odd that there isn’t the ability to record video in 4K as an option, or even a Night mode to capture stills with low light. The Pro mode is limited as there’s no option to alter your shutter speed. With good lighting conditions, the main sensor takes decent quality photos. The 

The camera with a wide-angle lens captures less detail, and HDR isn’t as efficient as other cameras. In low light, the images are less sharp, as there’s not a Night Mode available to assist in saving photos.

 Samsung’s Galaxy A31 doesn’t offer even electronic stabilization, making motions with the camera appear blurry. It isn’t possible to switch to the wide-angle camera when recording, however you can change to it prior to starting. As you’d expect, the quality of video is acceptable in excellent lighting, but it’s very bad when it’s dark. There’s also no stabilization in this video.

The selfie camera can capture 12-megapixel stills as default (8 millimeters if you select an even smaller crop). But, you can also capture in the native resolution as well. Skin tones can appear slightly warm, and HDR could be a mixed bag, however it’s not that bad. The camera has trouble reproducing high-quality details in dim light and often leaves you with blurred textures and weak detail.

Overall, the cameras of Galaxy A31 aren’t great. 

Samsung Galaxy A31 Battery : Pretty good

If there’s one positive aspect regarding this Galaxy A31, then it would be the battery longevity. In spite of regular usage, I was in a position to last well over one day on just one charge. The battery has a 15W fast charge which means you can recharge the battery up to 50% in just one hour, however filling it up completely takes more than two hours.

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