Ruia Car Rentals Serving the People of Delhi in a Remarkable Way

The solitary purpose of initiating a car rental services in Delhi by Ruia Car rental services was for providing personalized, safe and a classy car hire services, and at a reasonable rate to the residents of Delhi.

It was Mr. Pashupati Kumar Ruia, who is not amongst us now in this earthly realm, was the founder of the Ruia Car Rentals, and as he was an extremely knowledgeable person and had used his experiences to find that there are many faults, massive gap sin the policies of the Indian car rental services and also in its provisions and services to the clienteles. So he started off with a new company and laid the foundation of Ruia Car rentals in the capital city of India.

This car rental services started with a mere number of 4 cars in the city of Kolkata, but now it has started working on large scale with 850 cars, across 75 localities in India. Ruia car rentals Delhi has been providing with a wide array of services and some of the important services being car rental services Delhi, cab from Delhi to Agra, Luxury car rental Delhi etc.

Car Rental Services

Now is the age of fast living and therefore in today’s time of fast life, doing the work done on time is very vital, that might be going to the school, college, office, meetings, and conferences in the same state or in a different state etc. and for this, we cannot always rely on the public means of transport, because there is no assurance of the transport arriving on time.

It is also a fact that all of us do not possess a personal carriage. So, what is the solution? At this point comes the concept of car rental services, and when talking about car rental services, Ruia Car Rentals is the name that comes to the mind at the very first instance. The list of services of the Ruia car rentals is very compact and safe, that includes Luxury car rental Delhi and cab services from Delhi to Agra.

The most important factor about Ruia Car Rentals is its crucial site. This needs a special mention that Terminus 3 of the Delhi Airport is a very busy place and people from across the country can be found travelling from here. Therefore car rental services Delhi is so recurrent and also vital.

Ruia Car Rentals

But the question still remains, as to why to choose Ruia Car Rentals? The answer is quite simple. The Ruia car rentals has the sole aim to provide an overall passenger security and luxury, transparent and very specific billing system. There are travel experts engaged in the services who personally manage each. And every customer account regularly, keep them up to-dated and then professional drivers. Are there to make the journey as much secure. And moreover there is a 24×7 customer care unit providing facility with efficient solutions to each and every problem.

After the profitable exposure of the Ruia Car rentals in Delhi. It has gradually created a satisfactory business base for itself. The car rental services in Delhi, particularly the luxury car rental services in Delhi has been extraordinarily good with the clients. The purpose with which Ruia car rentals started off met satisfactory results. The aim of providing a world class and customized car rental services in Delhi, on time. And at a reasonable rate, to individual customers as well as office goers was a great success.

Luxury Car Rental Services

The car rental services in Delhi has been revised with the modern technology. And with a crew of extremely talented and experienced professionals. Another important factor that has been a great advantage is the service experience of about 11 long years of Ruia Cars Rentals. With this experience it has made its services better. And better with time and that too with a well sustained batch of 100 cars. And tremendously proficient and adept drivers is an added advantage. Ruia car rentals Delhi is dedicatedly providing car booking services. The capital city and very successfully serving more than 200 professional clients.

Ruia cars rentals is not only a prominent name in the car care industry. But evidently also a trust worthy name among its customers. This is because Ruia cars rentals believes in the customer satisfaction. The feedback from the customers are of supreme importance. And they try to work in accordance so that there can be no dissatisfied customer. On the other hand it has obtained various experience credentials. And letters of appreciation from distinguished authorities due to its good track records of service provided. Like RBI, SBI and Ministry of Defense are few of the authorities to applause Ruia Car rentals. Last but not the least, Ruia Car Rentals has also achieved Pan India Cab License from the Indian ministry of tourism.

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