Roller Banner Printing – What You Should Know

What exactly is a roller banner? Unlike other types of banners, which are typically folded and rolled up, this type of banner uses a pole that allows it to be rolled up around the pole while displaying your product or message across the front. For example, if you are launching a new product into the marketplace, this may be a great way to draw attention to it while going to trade shows or making sales calls on potential customers. You’ll want to speak with someone who offers roller banner printing service in order to customise the banner design and choose the right size and material for your project.

Why do you need Roller Banners

Banners are a great way to advertise your brand and give customers that information they need. Unfortunately, traditional banners can be very expensive. One solution is roller banners, which can cut costs dramatically. Roller banners are printed onto synthetic paper which rolls up around a wooden or metal bar at each end; these cylindrical displays are usually collapsible, so they can be put away when not in use. Because of their versatility and cost effectiveness, many businesses now choose to print roller banners for their marketing needs. However, if you’re thinking about using them you should know what you’re getting into first. Here are a few things that everyone who wants to use a roller banner should know.

Types of Roller Banners

Aside from determining which type of roller banner printing service to use. You’ll also need to figure out what kind of roller banner will work best for your company. Take a look at these options and decide which is right for you: Magnetic Roller Banners. These roller banners have metal frames that hold posters securely in place, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off and getting wrinkled. If your goal is to attract people passing by, magnetic roller banners are great choices because they’re easy to mount on walls and other surfaces that are easily accessible by pedestrians. Pop-Up Roller Banners: When fully assembled, pop-up roller banners stand out prominently on sidewalks and street corners without being too bulky or fragile.

Common mistakes when ordering a banner

There are quite a few common mistakes that people make when ordering a roller banner. If you want to avoid them, here are some important tips. Don’t order too small of a banner for your event; it will look stretched out and possibly be unreadable. Don’t order an extremely large one that you can’t transport easily; a lot of people will have to help you take it in and out of doors. It might not fit on tables or stands, etc.

How to customise your banner

Ready to customise your banner? It’s easy! Just follow these three simple steps: 1. Choose a size and style that fits your space. Our banners range from 4 feet by 8 feet to 10 feet by 15 feet (and can be even larger if needed). So there’s no need to worry about print limitations. 2. Use our template gallery and create your design from scratch or use a pre-made design from one of our partners like Canva, Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter to quickly add text and images. 3. Review everything for accuracy before placing your order—and we’ll get you started on printing within 24 hours!

Where to advertise your roller banner

Once you’ve taken your design to a professional printing service in  London, you’ll need to pick where you want to display it. Places like shopping malls, theme parks and event centers are popular places for roller banners. If you aren’t sure where to start, contact your local Chamber of Commerce for advice on which locations work best in your area. Also be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming holiday festivals or parades that might be a good opportunity to advertise your business with a custom-made banner.

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