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Reasons to visit in Delhi

Delhi is both an Indian union territory and a metropolis, comprising two distinct worlds: New Delhi and Old Delhi. The Capital, which was establish by the British in 1931 to serve as the imperial capital. The country’s contemporary capital and seat of government, while Old Delhi is often regard as the emblem of the broader metropolitan area.

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Delhi, India’s largest international gateway and one of the world’s most populous regions (it has a population of approximately 20 million people), is a heady blend of heritage and modernity. Its origins can be trace back to the Yamuna River, one of Hinduism’s most sacred rivers and a natural dividing line. Also have a look on hostel in delhi and hostel in jaipur.

Reasons to visit in Delhi:-

The Red Fort

Shah Jahan erected the stunning Red Fort (Lal Qila) in 1648, and it served as the Mughal capital until 1857. This magnificent structure, enclosed by a moat and surrounded by massive red sandstone walls, spans more than two square kilometres.

The Lahore Gate, the majestic main entrance, is named after Lahore, Pakistan, and was used by the emperor for ceremonial processions, while the even larger Delhi Gate was utilised by the monarch.

Visitors enter through the Lahore Gate and arrive at Chhatta Chowk, a 17th-century covered bazaar where souvenirs and food may be purchased, as well as silks, jewellery, jewels, and silverware.

Qutub Minar

The majestic Qutub Minar is India’s highest minaret, completed in the 12th century. It’s also now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Attracting a large number of international visitors anxious to climb to the top for the spectacular views of the surrounding area.

This beautiful five-story tower rises more than 70 metres and is adorn with exquisite carvings depicting Qutub’s history as well as Koranic inscriptions. It’s also famous for variety of stone types (the first three stories are made of red sandstone. The fourth and fifth stories are built with marble and sandstone).

Humayun’s Tomb

Humayun’s Tomb is a tall mausoleum made of white marble and red sandstone that is set in a beautiful, huge square garden. It was build as a model for Agra’s Taj Mahal and is a fine example of Mughal architecture.

The tomb was build in the mid-16th century by Haji Begum as a memorial to her husband by Humayun’s senior widow. It is surround by lush formal gardens and other tombs. Including Humayun’s barber and the Tomb of Isa Khan (the architect of the Taj Mahal).

Delhi is a one-stop shop! Delhi makes a complete circle of life. From the bustling alleyways of Chandni Chowk to the quiet and tranquil of Bangla Sahib. The city has thrived because of its vast diversity, making it one of India’s most popular tourist attractions. The infatuation with the city begins the moment you step out of New Delhi Railway Station. Delhi attracts a great number of religious excursions because of its rich legacy and spiritual past. Jama Masjid, Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah, Akshardham, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, and Cathedral Church are among Delhi’s most popular religious tourism attractions.

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