Rajat Khare-Intuit-Systematic Approach to Code

In his 9 years with Intuit, Rajat Khare has created a number of innovations for products aimed at small businesses inside the QuickBooks Ecosystem, which has over 8 million customers! The worldwide technology platform Intuit helps its users and communities get through several important financial obstacles.

In one of his articles, He discussed how code efficiency is important for most developers. Because it is clear, they produce great code. They can ask their co-workers to participate in code changes for enhancements, criticisms, and, if applicable, suggestions. Then they take on the role of the code’s curator rather than the sole developers who can work on it. Coding can be exciting. If coders got access to thousands of lines of previously written code, what would happen? What if the code was easy to read even for skilled programmers? What if they could add to that code with limitless resources? That code is appealing. Most developers place high importance on efficient code. They create excellent code because it is clear. As a result, they are now the code’s curators rather than the only developers who can add to it.

In many ways, elegant code enhances engineering culture, fosters teamwork, fosters feedback among engineers globally, and raises standards within the tech sector. Beautiful code empowers developers in a variety of ways. This boosts productivity within their enterprises. It naturally boosts development velocity through smaller code commits that can be reviewed, tested, and delivered. The less interaction between developers and the original authors, according to the history of commits (documentation), makes the code more attractive.

Establishing a thorough coding strategy

Because developers value diversity and options, creating beautiful code is a never-ending journey for teams and companies. However, it’s critical to remember that there will always be a variety of options, strategies, and concepts for system design. When a vast array of tooling and technologies are introduced coding becomes unmanageable

Having a limited number of options for developers is always beneficial for enterprises. They are more open to learning new concepts and information when they can select patterns or tools from a variety of possibilities. It is required to adhere to particular standards for developers. They do this while contributing using a methodical approach to writing beautiful code.

We cannot overstate the relevance of general code and software patterns. This is should be done while writing code. They will always serve as building pieces to create a clearly defined problem-solving method. Developers can create a new capability and construct code around it that is reusable and open to contribution with the support of a strong platform attitude. It creates opportunities for leveraging current tools to solve brand-new issues.

In a video, Rajat Khare highlighted the ecosystems of libraries, frameworks, languages, and API standards that have come together to change web app development. He also discusses specialised problems that have emerged over the previous 10 years as applications have grown bigger and more complex. The session emphasizes the integration of the developer productivity and some amazing tools with the React/Type/Script/Apollo ecosystem. It also examines how popular development frameworks like React, TypeScript, and Apollo – GraphQL are growing in popularity. He emphasizes the problems fixed and benefits the application has offered while demonstrating it.

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