Promote learning that enhances and enhances each other

Why does Professor Miyake attach great importance to the discovery of “misalignment”?. This is to realize the school education in certificate 4 in information technology goal. And “nurturing children who have dreams and goals and can improve each other” in class.

“Roughly speaking, in Society 5.0 society, the way people live will not change significantly depending on whether or not the volume of a cube is required. Because the machine should quickly calculate the volume of a solid. However, it is thought that people will hardly do anything. However, certificate 4 in information technology will acquire the ability to create new ideas while explaining their thoughts to the other person in an easy-to-understand manner and listening to and incorporating the thoughts of others.

I think that the way of life of a person changes greatly depending on whether. They are doing it because I think that these activities are not good for machines. And are the power that is increasingly require of human beings who coexist with machines. I think that we teachers are require to think deeply about what we can do. In each subject’s class to realize the educational goal of “improving each other”.

Enhancing each other can be promote

Learning that focuses on the “misalignment” of ideas, polishing each other, and enhancing each other can be promote by utilizing ICT. Through the tablet device, the child can immediately confirm the ideas of the 33 people in the class and decide who to listen to. The answers of 33 people are colore yellow if they are confident. And white if they are not confident. So if they are confident in their answers while listening to the opinions of others, change the color.

“When I ask a child in class, ‘Why did you get this answer?’, I often answer,’ I heard your thoughts.’ At that time. I said, ‘Yes! I’m conscious of how to get involve. So that children can confirm the value of listening to other people’s thoughts. Feel the value of learning from each other. For example, children’s discussions will become more active, and at that time. I think that the children themselves will realize the value of ICT, which facilitates learning, “says Professor Miyake.

ICT is a way to improve lessons

In addition, as the development of the ICT environment progresses rapidly and teachers are paying. The attention to “how to utilize ICT”, purpose of ICT utilization is to “cultivate. The qualities and abilities to be nurture in each subject” at Kagoshima University Elementary School. It is say that ICT is a means to improve lessons in the school.

Information literacy is the power to live while convincing the present age

In the new Diploma of IT study, information utilization ability is positioned as the qualities and abilities that form the basis of learning, along with language ability, problem finding / solving ability, and so on. Professor Miyake says that the ability to utilize information is “the ability to work effectively so that diverse people can live together while being convince.

The future of society will become more and more difficult to predict, but it is still human beings who create the society. As a party to create a better society while convincing various people together, we will collect and analyze various information from various people and places for children and students in the future, form our ideas, and convey them to the surroundings. Because power is require.

Elementary school students

Professor Miyake gave the following examples of information literacy. “The experience of nurturing such power is also possible for elementary school students. For example, when deciding what to do and what to do on an excursion, not only the voice of some children but also everyone through chat on the tablet terminal.

By listening to your opinions, you will be able to incorporate the ideas of many people and choose a play that everyone is satisfy with. By demonstrating your ability to utilize information, you will be able to convince yourself and others to become a better school/class. I think there are many situations where children can experience this.

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