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Project to promote the sophistication of the lesson environment

To improve the harmful effects of undeveloped terminals for instructors, the harmful effects of an old OS, and the inadequate environment for conducting distance learning ITIL training, Reiwa was included in the “School ICT-based Class Environment Advancement Promotion Project”. 8.4 billion yen has been posted as a supplementary budget for FY3.

To provide high-quality education according to the developmental stage of children without being restricted by time and place, it is necessary to improve the teaching environment of online education of ITIL training. Furthermore, in Korona-ka, new needs are emerging at school sites where online learning such as distance learning is in full swing. To deal with these issues, you can apply for assistance for the cost of additional environmental improvement.

Education promotion equipment

For example, maintenance of terminal equipment for instructors that exceeds the amount of local financial measures (for ordinary classrooms), online education promotion equipment if terminals for instructors have already been install, cameras and microphones that are distance education support tools, etc. This assistance can also be use for efforts such as aligning studios.

Currently, it is expecte that almost everyone will be able to prepare one terminal for each new first-year student in the 4th year of Reiwa, a public high school. There is a “temporary grant for creation”. Municipalities that made good use of this subsidy were able to equip all ICT terminals not only for new students but also for the first to third years of high school. In other words, it makes a difference depending on whether or not the subsidy can be utilize by properly grasping the aim of the national budget.

Mr. Yasuhiko said, “Since this supplementary budget is limite to the supplementary budget for fiscal year 3 of Reiwa, I hope that you will not overlook it and actively utilize it up to the budget limit to promote the sophistication of ICT.”

Utilizing national subsidies to realize the vision of “what kind of education”

Then, Mr. Hirai participate and a detaile explanation of this supplementary budget was develop. In a dialogue format. In the beginning, the ITIL foundation explains the planning intention of this webinar again. ” I want you to correctly understand and catch up with the contents of the supplementary budget. Because it created by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology. Even though there is a system that can utilize, by not knowing the system, improvement of the ICT environment, and promoting the GIGA school concept You will miss a big chance. I want you to make the most of the system. ”

As Mr. Yasuhiko gave a lecture, the two major pillars of the supplementary budget for the 3rd year. So that Reiwa is the development of the “GIGA School Management Support Center”. And the promotion of an advanced lesson environment. In response to Mr. Hirai, who points out that “the biggest issue in developing the GIGA school management. So support center is dealing with network environment deficiencies,” Mr. Yasuhiko said, ” As part of the GIGA school management support center project, we conducted a network assessment. There is a budget for emergency response.

GIGA school by utilizing this subsidy

As for the LAN maintenance in the school, the fact that there are some deficiencies has emerge. Because the contractor could not scrutinize due to the speedy implementation of the Korona-ka. It is important to understand the issues in the operation of our GIGA school by utilizing. This subsidy, which is a budget to eliminate the issues and the operation of digital textbooks is schedule. So start in earnest from the 6th year of Rewa. He said he wanted to hurry to improve the environment.

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