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Procedure of Getting Turkey visa for Indian Citizens

Yes, Indian citizens need a visa to visit Turkey. Indian citizens who meet all requirements for Turkey e-Visa can apply for travel permits online in 2022. The process for the turkey visa for Indians is quick and efficient. Indian applicants do not need to visit a Turkish embassy or attend an interview. Online turkey visa for Indian citizens is valid for stays up to 30 days for tourism and business.

Documents Required for Turkey Tourist Visa from India:

You are required to have the following documents for the application of the turkey visa for indians:

A valid passport, which is at least valid for six months from your entry date in Turkey.

  • A proof that confirms your flight booking, hotel reservation, and travel itinerary for the entire stay in Turkey.
  • A copy of the application form you fill is required for the turkish visa for indian.
  • Copy of your flight ticket is also required to and from Turkey.
  • You also need to provide a document as a proof for your financial status for the support of yourself financially for the stay in Turkey. The Turkish government requires at least USE 50 for each stay in the country.
  • A bank statement for six months is required for your financial situation.
  • Also a confirmation document is required for your criminal record. If you are traveling from the United States or United kingdom then, you don’t need to provide this document

How to apply for Turkey Tourist Visa from India:

Depending on your needs, you can choose eVisa Turkey or apply for a visa directly through a company authorized by the Turkish Consulate.


You can apply for the turkey visa for Indians by visiting the official website for the visa The  visa application procedure is very simple & easy. You can get this visa within three minutes. All you need is to apply for the turkey visa on arrival for indian, pay the fee for the visa and download your Turkey e-Visa. Yes, don’t forget to print your e-Visa before starting your traveling journey.

Direct Application

Another option to apply for the visa is Gateway Globe, they are authorized by the Turkish Embassy to receive turkey visa for indians. Read the below listed points to understand the process:

  • Fill the application form for the turkey e visa for indian.
  • Collect the documents that are essential for the visa along with a photograph
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Pay the fee for the visa type you have applied for.
  • Submit your application form
  • Collect your visa when you receive an email for visa receiving.

Turkey Tourist Visa Processing Time:

The processing for the turkey visa for Indians only requires three minutes for the process completion. And it minimally required 15 working days from your submission of the documents for the visa. Finally, now you know each and everything about how to get the turkey tourist visa for indian along with the importance of travel insurance to visit & enjoy the trip to Turkey.

Turkey Visa Fee for Indian Citizens:

When it comes to the visa then, you will observe that it depends on the visa type you choose to apply for. The fee for the single entry turkey visa for Indians is about RS 4,280. The multiple visa entry fee would cost around 13,2550 for the tourist visa. 

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