Pop Ups Templates and Email Popup Examples

For email marketing success, you need an effective email opt-in process. There are many email opt-in examples, including those from Convince & Convert, Gong, MeUndies, and Vainu. Here’s a quick rundown of four of the best email popup examples. Each one features a unique take on the opt-in process and will help you create your own pop-up.


A good lead magnet is a free book for new subscribers. The design is classic and attractive, and the content is relevant to the visitor’s interests. The copy is strong and the headline plays on the wisdom of crowds. The email popup below demonstrates a simple, effective lead magnet. Here are some email popup examples:

One example of an email popup is the Gong email capture popup. It has a simple design and social proof that has 60,000 marketers and sales professionals subscribed to its email newsletter. The copy even mentions Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest as sources of information for the visitor. However, most of these email popups are designed to entice visitors to opt-in for a specific offer or to sign up for a newsletter.


MeUndies excels at integrating its customer experience strategy into its email marketing campaigns. This brand is dedicated to its vision, which is to create products that customers love, and the email it uses to drive customer engagement is a great example of how this can be done. MeUndies’s unobtrusive slide-in approach and the promise of 50% off a beta product are great ways to pique interest, while the urgency of a limited offer helps increase conversions.

The MeUndies email popup is well designed to match the brand’s site, and uses the colors of the company to drive visitors to opt-in. Digital Marketer’s popup, meanwhile, is all about driving users to sign up for a free account. The CTA is strong, with a contrasting button focusing on the free account and the content’s images. In addition to that, the email popup is easy to close, which keeps users on your page longer.

Convince and Convert

While email popups are often used to capture an email address, they can also serve other purposes, such as providing a coupon code or other type of incentive. In fact, most websites include only one text field for this purpose, but you can choose to request other information, depending on your marketing strategy. If you want to use email popups to improve your conversion rate, here are some ideas to consider.

In addition to email marketing, you can use email pop ups templates to advertise your social media accounts. The Sir Kensington newsletter, for example, uses a large, unapologetic newsletter popup with a beautiful header image. The Became cosmetics company, on the other hand, opts for a more subtle email popup, which allows users to continue reading their emails without being interrupted by a large form.


Email popups are a great way to collect email addresses and other relevant data from your visitors. While most websites only require an email address, others may request more information, such as a phone number or address. Regardless of the reason, email popups are still an effective way to build a subscriber list. These examples can provide you with an idea of what to create in your next email marketing campaign.

Creating an email pop ups templates that captures your customers’ attention requires that you know who your target audience is. If your target audience is a blogger, a free ebook on personal finance will fit in well. Or, if you’re a fitness trainer who focuses on information for fitness trainers, use a simple email popup to emphasize three main benefits of joining the program. You can also include social sharing options in your email popup.

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