Pool cleaning with technical method

According to Cheap Handyman Dubai, the technical names are sodium carbonate and sodium bisulfate respectively, but pH+ or pH looks much better. If pH is too high, use pH-. If too low, use pH+ after adding chemicals. Wait at least 3 hours before taking another measurement. so that the water has enough time to circulate sufficiently for accurate readings. Swimming pool alarm. An approved safety measure that is required by law for built-in swimming pools.

Devices are often installed by Cheap Handyman Dubai on patios around pools to detect sudden changes in water levels that occur when someone jumps or falls into the pool. Swimming pool heaters also called heat pumps in English, are usually air.
HVAC technology is not as expensive as you think! The manometer is use to determine the water pressure in the sand filter. Return injectors or blowers.

Two or more of these are usually located

Shallow downstream that returns water to the pond after filtering is flush. This action causes the water to pump out after passing through the filter in the normal direction. This should be done after each backwash. the safety covers An approve safety measure, a legal requirement for built-in swimming pools. This type of cover is easy to spot when aluminum columns are present.

Security fence

One of the approved safety measures for inground pools, but not all pools are suitable. Therefore, although the requirements are simple but very strict Do not think for a second that you can use a wire mesh fence and an ordinary garden fence!

Salt system

Salt pool system. The electrolysis unit separates the sodium from the chloride so that the chloride disinfects the pool.

Sand filter

This is what is in the pump room which looks like a tank with three pipes connected to different valves.


Increases free chlorine quickly Believe it or not Removes strong chlorine smell The pearls (pastel color) are small and dissolve very quickly. High chlorine levels also dropped sharply due to the unstable shock treatment, eponymous Creamer in French. The main way to get water from
pool for filtration


The technical term is cyanuric acid, or CYA, which prevents chlorine from quickly destroy by sunlight. Chlorchoc is not install, but larger chlorine tablets are install for normal use.

Summer cover

These are basically shock pads that float to the surface to trap heat. Please note – these are not covered by security and do not meet safety standards or requirements according to Handyman Home Services

Total alkalinity

This measurement is important because it affects the capabilities of other chemicals. To change or stabilize the pH level, a decrease in overall alkalinity can lead to acid reflux.


They are usually located about halfway up one side of the pool. A vacuum tube is attach to facilitate manual cleaning of the pool.


Pipeline wastewater from the sand filter when backwashing/flushing or pumping wastewater.


These covers are usually blue in color and is secure to the ground with bungee (sand) or sometimes spring-load clips. Acts as a protector when used in winter. The above glossary of terms commonly use when dealing with assemblers should help you understand what is being said or identify when assembling is the main topic of course not everything. Words can be included, but a short description is required.

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