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For permanent hair straightening, mostly girls use chemicals best smelling shampoo. There are three types through which hair becomes straight. So, you can apply chemical, thermal, and natural techniques to
straighten your hair. Furthermore, as we know, everything has two sides, like advantages and disadvantages. If you apply these tips incorrectly, you can suffer from disadvantages. Therefore, while doing this activity, be careful and do it professionally.

Below are the kinds of treatments:

1- Rebounding treatment for hair straightening

In this method, the experts change the shape of the hair by breaking, relaxing, and restructuring
the bound. Almost this process of permanent hair straightening takes 3-7 hours. So, suppose
you have short hair, then less time will be consumed.

The first method is to properly wash the hair. When you are at the polar, only apply shampoo,
so there is no need for a mask and conditioner. If you are a salon person, ask clients when they
applied a mehndi or any kind of color. In addition, wearing a mehndi is harmful to hair during
rebonding treatment.

After applying shampoo, then dryer to ensure completely dry hair. Then press the hair in that
case if the hair is too curly. Otherwise, there is no need to press hair for normal hair before
applying a cream. When you learn these methods step by step, it will become very easy for you.

Use a hair straightening cream with a Kera-charge complex product. It is a professional hair
cream and beneficial for you. If the cream touches your scalp, it will not damage the skin. The
reason is that this cream is free of harmful chemicals. Don’t do this process in a hurry; take your
time and properly apply the cream.

2- Keratin treatment for hair straightening

Doing this process, first, wash the hair with shampoo and avoid conditioner. Because the keratin
treatment also works instead of conditioner. Then remove all the tangles and dry the hair with
the help of a dryer. Both cold and hot air are utilized here. The next step is to make a small part
of the hair and apply a keratin mask of best smelling shampoo.

We can call it a protein treatment because it makes your hair silky, smooth, and shiny. It also
creates the hair straight and makes it free of tangles. It takes 2 to 3 hours and depends on your
hair length. Guys, we do a lot of activities with our hair, like coloring, straightening, and
smoothing our hair. As a result, we found rough and damaged hair. As a student or work
person, you can’t care about your hair daily.

So, the sun, dust, and other elements affect the hair, becoming dull and damaged. Therefore, a
keratin treatment is the best solution to all the problems. You must once try this method
because, after this treatment, your hair becomes straight and smooth.

3- Japanese treatment for permanent hair straightening

If you wish for a good result, you must read this paragraph carefully. You can easily apply this
method at home. So, for doing this activity, you must understand the steps properly. The first tip
is to clean your hair gently. After shampoo best smelling shampoo, dry the hair with the natural method and avoid heat
tools. As you know, too much heat can damage the strands badly.

At home, you can use hot water or steam for your hair. With your hand or with the help of a
smooth towel, apply the normal hot water in every section of the strands. The next amazing step
is to apply the gel of a plant or a market product. If you want to add a jasmine oil, add it with the

Leave the gel for 10-15 min, then rinse it off with plain water. Avoid doing any kind of hairstyle
during this process, i.e., braid, ponytail, and bead. For a deep conditioner, use an activator for
increasing the smoothness of hair.

Next, take a smooth and original butter free of any mixture of another product. Use a liquid form
of butter and apply it smoothly to your hair parts properly. Put it on for about 16 minutes. As you
follow all the steps properly, you will get a better outcome. Then, wash your hair with shampoo.
The last process is to apply the neutralizer. You can pick the readymade ingredient that is rose
water. It can balance the PH level, so lightly spray rose water on all your hair. Hence you have
done it; you will realize that you have done Japanese hair treatment at home best smelling shampoo.

Final thoughts

In this fruitful content, we have discussed the types and methods of permanent hair
straightening. You can apply rebounding, keratin, thermal, and many more methods for
straightening your hair. While doing this job, you must consult with experts and do it yourself.
So, as a beginner, if you are not too familiar with these processes, it will damage your hair. So,
don’t take any kind of risk for hair treatment. When doing any kind of treatment with hair, after
not taking proper care of the hair, the treatment is useless. Use a good shampoo free of sulfate
and apply a small amount of oil. Don’t tie your hair after permanent hair straightening treatment
on the first day.

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