Palmistry: Travelling the Time-Machine

Palmistry: Foundation and Basics

The art of palmistry is an important aspect of astrology and has spread from Maharishi Valmiki’s teachings in India to China, Tibet and Egypt. It is used for fortune-telling by reading the lines on the palm. Astrology has proved that the human palm shows evidence related to health, occupation and nervous habits. Nowadays, palmistry is used to detect a person’s character and future with cultural and regional variations. 

The right hand is believed to be the dominant hand in most people while the left hand shows traces of the past, and how the person’s experience from the past life is affecting him till date. But usually, the right hand is read for females, and the left hand for males. There are many rules for palmistry, for example, a clear lined palm depicts a bright future and good luck.

Rules for Palmistry

For someone who is a beginner into this world and wants to explore more about it, here goes some tips:

  1. Understanding the lines: There are usually five kinds of lines which should be observed specifically-head line, heart line, life line, fate line and sun line. The meanings are read out by the lines’ length and curvature. For example, in case of the head line, a wavy line signifies a progressive mind while in case of heart line, a broken line signifies infidelity.
  2. Understanding the mounts: The mounts represent the seven planets which are important in astrology-the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The mounts represent a person’s quality. There are six main mounts: Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury, Luna and Venus. They are associated with different attributes like confidence, wisdom, success and imagination. 
  3. Examining the hand size: Hand size plays an important role in palmistry so observe it well to be an expert. The hand size, compared to the body, tells a lot about you, for example, small hands are active, long fingers may bring anxiety. 
  4. Consider the hand shape: Hands are categorized based on their shape, that is, water hands, fire hands, air hands and earth hands. They are in line with different zodiac signs. Perfect hands do not mean a perfect life, but they mean good qualities associated with the same. Also the softness or hardness of a palm determines whether the person is lazy or successful.

Importance of Palmistry 

Palmistry is important because it can guide a person through the path of success and right decision making. The accuracy of palmistry is quite high and indicates a person’s characteristics. Palmistry also gives you an insight of the past, how your previous experiences are affecting you. Individuals get a clarity of life events and lead a happy life. These are the main benefits of palmistry:

  1. Realizing the true purpose of life: Often, we get misled by distractions and divert from the main aim. Palmistry reminds us of the important tasks and reveals the true meaning of life.
  2. Understanding yourself: Palm reading brings out your inner strengths and weaknesses, which you can use for a better living. We can work on the things we are lacking, and enhance our talents even more. 
  3. Discover the creative side: Palm readings inform us about the hidden creative skills we have which we can pursue even as a career. 
  4. Take the right decision: When we are juggling between the right and wrong, palmistry helps us make the correct decision.


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