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Online Certifications To Become A Tax Accountant

Tax Accountants are professionals specializing in laws, rules, and regulations related to tax. The main responsibilities of tax accountants are to handle taxes of government, individuals, businesses, or organizations. Tax accountants help individuals to handle their income, deductions, financial gains, or losses. For business, they handle business tax and differentiate between tax payable and non-payable. In government sectors tax accountants manage the public funds, perform financial audits, investigate white-collar crimes, and more. To be a certified Tax Accountant you can capture any of the certified taxation courses.

Some of the best-certified taxation courses are Diploma In Taxation, Diploma Taxation Law, Certified Tax Program, CBAT, PGBAT, GST, VAT, and more. These certification courses enable you to build a better career in taxation. It also helps you to develop the required skills along with practical experience. Now let us check each of these taxation courses in detail.

Diploma In Taxation

Diploma In Taxation is a one year program in accounting and commerce. Both theoretical and practical knowledge of direct and indirect taxes are provided for learners. This course also focuses on financial accounting, income tax, auditing, accounting management and more.

Diploma Taxation Law

Diploma Taxation Law(DTL) is a one year course that mainly focuses on rules and regulations related to taxation. It also provides a basic understanding of Taxation. The main career options of this course other than tax accountant are Tax Specialist, Tax Consultant, Financial Manager, Tax Advisor and more.

Certified Tax Program

The Certified Tax Program(CTP) is an advanced individual income tax course. This course mainly covers issues by high income taxpayers and divorced payers, advises clients on income tax situations, handle individual and small income tax situations.


CBAT(Certification in Business Accounting and Taxation) is a six month accounting and taxation course that provides an idea about most of the accounting software and tax systems. CBAT mainly focuses on topics such as GST return filing, Income Tax, Advanced Tax, cooperate Law and more. It is the best course for accounting and taxation professionals.


PGBAT(PG Diploma In Business Accounting and Taxation) is a one year course in accounting and taxation. This course can make you familiar with the use of accounting software such as SAP FICO ERP software, Tally Prime and QuickBooks. It also provides practical and theoretical knowledge on topics like Basic Accounting, GST, Income Tax, MS Excel tools, Corporate Law, ESI, PF and more.


GST(Good and Service Tax) certification course is designed to get a clear idea of taxation and related law. This course also makes you familiar with E-way billings, Input Tax Credit, Return fillings and much more. GST certification courses can open huge opportunities with high salary and reputation.


VAT(Value Added Tax) certification course gives you an idea about the tax system. This course includes the fundamentals of VAT, regulation, administration and more. VAT certification courses also provide huge job opportunities both in India and abroad. The certified course like Gulf VAT can help you to get a direct job in GCC countries.

Required Skills To Be A Tax Accountant

Communication Skill

To be a Tax accountant you must have good communication skills. As a Tax accountant, you need to communicate with your client in a professional and friendly manner. A tax accountant needs to handle issues with the tax agency on the behalf of clients in a logical manner. A  tax accountant with no good communication skill face issues in his or her career.

Be Well Organized

A tax accountant must be well organized to handle tasks without any delay or errors. This can prevent serious issues such as unpaid tax obligations. They are also responsible to organize and maintain copies of receipts, statements and other records for easy retrieval.

Problem Solving

As a tax accountant, you need to solve the problems of your clients by thinking critically.


Creativity can help a tax accountant come up with fresh ideas and enable them to think out of the box.

If you want to pursue this career, you should understand their roles and responsibilities in order to determine which taxation certification to complete. There are many taxation courses you can capture if you want to be an taxation professional. Capturing an taxation course can provide you with additional skills and knowledge. To capture it in an efficient way find a perfect instructor for you.

There are so many institutes that provide short term courses that help to make professional accountants. Finprov Learning is one of the best institutes to provide Accounting and taxation courses. Some of the accounting and taxation courses provided by Finprov are PGBAT, CBAT, CMA USA, CA Foundation, PGDIFA, Gulf VAT, GST, SAP FICO, DIA, CHRPP(HR payroll processing) and more. These courses are provided to learners by the best trainers and with the best technical support.The practical training program supports learners to achieve the best in their career.

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