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Olive Body Butter Benefits & Uses

Remain very hydrated the entire day with Natural Olive Body Butter that is stacked with decency of normal olives. With a new and fragile smell of the olives, our Olive Body Butter is your ideal ally for dry skin this colder time of year. As a rich emollient, olive oil body margarine goes about as a thick cream and safeguards your skin from outrageous dryness. Olive Body spread contains a base of shea margarine and the additional decency of regular olive concentrates.

Olives contain high cell reinforcements, Vitamin An and E in overflow that assists with fixing and restore skin that has been harmed because of contamination, cruel climate or dry breezes. Customary utilization of Organic Olive Body Butter makes the skin firmer, smoother and more grounded than it was previously. Rich in saturating and cell reinforcement properties, olive body margarine profoundly sustains the skin and keeps it hydrated for a really long time.

Olive Body Butter Uses

Soap Making

Rich in emollient properties, olive body butter is used in soap making. It lathers well and adds extra creamy texture to soaps and bath bars. With its strong Mediterranean smell it accentuates quality and feel of soaps.

Skin Care Products

Rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E, Olive Body Butter is generally used in body lotions, creams and moisturizers. It easily delivers its moisturizing oils in to skin and then locks it with its waterproof butter.

Hair Masks

Besides skincare, olive butter is great for hair conditioning. Its rich creamy texture and high hydrating properties make it an effective ingredient in hair masks, conditioners and shampoos.

Anti-Aging Products

Loaded with the benefits of Vitamin E, Olive Body Butter is widely used in anti-aging skin products that increase skin elasticity and make the skin firmer and younger looking.

Sun-screen Products

Enriched with antioxidants it repairs damaged tissues and reduce skin damage caused by harmful ultra-violet rays of Sun. It reduces sun tanning and is commonly use in sunscreen lotions and creams.

Lip Balms

With a rich, creamy texture, olive body butter forms base of lip balms that keep lips nourished and hydrated for long. It is also used in cosmetics like lip creams, lotions and natural lipsticks.

Olive Body Butter Benefits

Body Moisturizer

Loaded with fatty acids, antioxidants and compounds that are know to restore natural oils and moisture of skin. Olive body butter acts as great moisturizer for dry and damaged skin, especially for chapped lips and ashy knees.

Hair Softner

Rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E, olive cleansing butter smoothens skin, makes it soft and nourished. It adds strength to hair follicles and promotes growth of healthy hair. It also improves strength and elasticity of hair.

Relieves Skin Burn

Antioxidants in natural olive skin butter works well to protect skin from sun damage and harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun. It rejuvenates dead skin cells and hydrates skin.

Hydrates Skin Dry Patches

Rich creamy texture and high moisturizing properties that hydrate skin for long. When applied regularly, olive butter treats dry patches on elbows and knees effectively.

Works as Lip Balm

Nourishing properties in  that help in healing chapped lips and works effectively as a lip balm. It smoothens and nourishes the lips making them soft and supple.

Reduces Aging Signs

Rich in antioxidants and vitamins that control signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Organic body butter helps in increasing skin elasticity and reducing the signs of aging.

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