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Myths and Facts about Halitosis

Bad breath or halitosis for some people is a serious condition, one which requires halitosis treatment. It’s not just your regular morning breath that goes away with brushing. In most cases, it’s due to a digestion problem or some deeper health crisis.

Bad breath is not something we care for by proper dental care it can be dealt with, right?


Steady halitosis can flag dental and other medical conditions and ought to be tended to. Halitosis can cause shame, disengagement from others, and even influence your vocation success.

The Possible Reasons for Halitosis

There are many foundations for halitosis. Food sources, for example, garlic, cauliflower, and onions can surely cause bad breath. Anyway, the scent from food is exceptionally short-acting and altogether different from the strong smell brought about by “volatile sulfur compounds”.

Volatile sulfur compounds can be brought about by the bacteria in our mouth and are the most widely recognized reason behind bad breath by a long shot. Halitosis brought about by volatile sulfur compounds is particularly common in individuals with gum disease. The gap between teeth/dental reclamation, and improper oral cleanliness.

Essential areas for smell-causing bacteria are the tongue and gums. Utilization of tobacco causes halitosis by drying of mouth and tobacco additionally contains sulfur compounds. Regular coffee consumers will quite often have halitosis since caffeine dries out the mouth. Espresso/milk itself can cause halitosis also.

The good news is there are many approaches to get rid of halitosis but the bad news is not many seek professional assistance by searching “halitosis treatment dentist near me”. Instead, they choose DIY approaches for resolving the issue. And such a decision-making process might be prompted by some myths about bad breaths that are around us.

Hence, it’s pretty important that we address those misconceptions or myths so people can get the right kind of treatment.

MYTH #1: The principal reason behind bad breath is stomach/stomach related issues:

Stomach issues are the most widely recognized reason for bad breath.

Be that as it may, albeit stomach-related issues may add to halitosis, it is not the principle justification for it. More than 3/4 of the bad breath issues start in the mouth with periodontitis/gum disease and tongue covering being the most well-known reason.

MYTH #2: Mouthwash disposes of bad breath for all time:

Mouthwash, mints, and biting gum are common go-to techniques when you need to rapidly and briefly dispose of halitosis.

It is vital to note, however, that a couple of preliminaries showed that if mouthwashes contain antibacterial ingredients, for example, chlorhexidine, it couldn’t veil yet kill horrendous scents to a degree. However, the creators called for additional preliminaries to be done prior to concluding about the effectiveness.

MYTH #3: Chewing gum can wipe out bad breath forever:

Eight of every ten individuals honestly perceive that chewing gum impacts foul breath. In addition, certain gums contain sugar (or substitutes) that actually feed the bacteria, causing a considerably stronger scent and further issues toward the end!

MYTH #4: There is no solution for bad breath:

With regards to science, a few examinations likewise demonstrate a 90% achievement rate in relieving bad breath. The most proficient treatment, obviously, relies upon the beginning of the issue. For periodontitis-caused bad breath, for instance, periodontal treatment is demonstrated to give brilliant outcomes while the evacuation of tonsils could be the right treatment in the event that the scent starts in the ear, nose, and throat region.

Hence, if you are deciding to quit looking for a solution for your bad breath, you are making a big mistake. Only by searching “bad breath doctor near me” or “halitosis clinic near me” online, you can diminish the bad smell from your mouth.

MYTH #5: Alcohol kills microbes and accordingly disposes of bad breath:

Surprisingly, too many people believe alcohol can without much of a stretch dispose of bad breath as it simply kills the bacteria that cause it.

Specialists are otherwise known as bad breath doctor, emphatically differ here. And caution that liquor prompts dry mouth which frustrates the spit washing down food particles in the mouth, just as the smell they cause.

What actually causes bad breath?

Now that you have learned about the misconception, we figured that you would also want to learn about the facts about bad breath.

  • Dry mouth

A dry mouth is known to be the ideal climate to have anaerobic microbes. That might deliver a volatile sulfur compound that adds to the foul smell. What can cause dryness? The essential driver is because of diminished spit creation, despite the fact that there are a few supporting variables. It might simply be a result of over smoking, utilization of an excessive amount of tea, or in any event, talking for quite a while.

  • Specific sorts of food

Food like garlic, onions, and cauliflowers truly does release sulfur intensity that can add to the foul smell. Thus, it’s better to keep away from such food varieties if you experience the ill effects of constant bad breath.

  • Poor oral hygiene

Poor oral hygiene is a very reasonable cause for bad breath. Teeth don’t get clean automatically; thus, deficient oral cleanliness prompts the development of microorganisms on teeth and gum.

Bad breath is a big issue for your oral health as well as for your social reputation. So, it’s only smarter to get rid of the issue once and for all by coming out of all the surrounding myths.

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