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Kundan Lal & Sons are the masters of manufacturing diamond jewellery. They know every way of ensuring that their jewellery pieces come out to be nothing, but the best. Kundan Lal & Sons are also known for manufacturing an amazing variety of Polki jewellery. Kundan Lal & Sons very well understand that jewellery artists are just objects to adorn, but they play an integral part in Indian Culture. In this article, today we will be discussing the kinds of diamond jewellery we all must have in our jewellery collection.

For each piece of jewellery, we have different emotions and spaces in our hearts and our lives. Jewellery given to you by your husband on the first wedding anniversary will always be more precious than the one that you just randomly bought for yourself. For some people, jewellery means their tradition, while for others it’s a status symbol. Some jewellery can be worn daily, while others adorn you only on special occasions.

Diamond stud earrings:-

Now, this one is an all-time favourite choice. You can wear the small diamond stud to your office, and enjoy the big diamond stud for your next party.

Diamond Rings:-

Now, it’s not necessary to own a diamond ring, you have to be engaged or married. It’s just another amazing piece of diamond jewellery that you can add to your diamond jewellery collection.

Diamond Necklaces:-

If you want to doll up and just add layers to your overall party look, then go for a diamond necklace. As per your choice and occasion, you can either go for a simple one layered diamond necklace, or else you can go for that heavy diamond necklace with multiple layers. When choosing a diamond necklace, always be very sure about the weight and the design of the necklace. If you can make the right choice with these two parameters, then you will never experience uncomfort with your diamond necklace.

Diamond Bracelets:-

This is the most eye-catching diamond jewellery for any jewellery collection. It’s sleek, chic, easy to wear, carry and maintain. While pairing a bracelet for your party dress, go for something noticeable, but not too heavy.

Diamond Bangles:-

Until a few days ago, people were not wearing diamond bangles so frequently even at parties. But now that they are back in the race, they can be used to add a lot of grace to your party wear saree. As per your choice and dress, you can either use a single pair or you can go with 2, 3 diamond bangles for each hand.

Diamond Pendant:-

This is again one of the most popular and fantastic pieces of jewellery. You will easily find this in the collection of almost every woman. A pro tip here is whenever you are getting ready for a party and wearing a pendant that has a vibrant and unique design.

Diamond Danglers:-

Danglers are one of the most common, popular types of earrings. These danglers have the magic of giving you a completely new look within seconds.YYYoungin a bun or any other hairdo where your hair is all tied up, then these danglers just do wonders. Diamond Danglers can go with almost all kinds of Indian ethnic wear, modern gowns etc. A pro tip here is if you have a small face then go for rounded danglers, but if you have an elongated face structure go for long danglers.


When it comes to diamond jewellery, it is always good to start as soon as you can. You can start with a small amount in the beginning and then keep on building your collection.

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