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Medical Marijuana: Why do Patients with Parkinson’s use Cannabis

Medical Marijuana: Parkinson’s disease is an incurable illness that is usually managed by medicines and lifestyle changes. Medications are use to control tremors, shaking, and movements to allow patients to manage their daily activities. Some drugs currently available for managing symptoms include Carbidopa-levodopa, dopamine agonist, MAO B inhibitors, etc.

Medications that increase dopamine are use to manage it as low dopamine levels are seen in patients with Parkinson’s. The traditional medicines produce side effects, including nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhoea, and dry mouth, which can also cause a taste change, forgetfulness, and other serious symptoms. These adverse effects often lead to reduced compliance, and patients stop using it, which leads to further deterioration of the disease.

Research communities have been looking at an alternative that can be add to the treatment to help patients manage the debilitating symptoms. Marijuana is being researched as an alternative as some studies show it can manage the non-motor effects of Parkinson’s disease.

So, studies and clinical trials have shown that the CBD and THC used in combination significantly improves Parkinson’s disease. Also, and it doesn’t produce side effects that are often accompanied by traditional medications.

Patients in Naples, Sarasota, St. Melbourne, and St. Petersburg, can use the premium services provide by My Florida Green to complete their Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg certification so they can get a Marijuana Card. Medical Marijuana Card allows qualified patients to Add Cannabis to their treatment plan.

Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg
Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg

What is Parkinsons’ disease for Medical Marijuana?

Parkinson’s affects the Central Nervous System causing nerve cell damage, to cause tremors, slow movement, loss of balance, stiffness including other symptoms that progressively worsen. Also, patients who have Parkinson’s disease also suffer from mental health issues. So, ranging from anxiety, depression, some memory issues, and dementia. The debilitating symptoms force patients into isolation, they reduce social interactions and find it hard to maintain relationships at work and home. Almost half of all people with Parkinson’s have these emotional and mental health issues. Also, stress has been state as a trigger. So, which comes when people are diagnose with the disorder.

As one gets older, the risks of developing the medical condition increase, and if one has it in the gene, it starts to manifest at the age of 60. Also, even though it manifests more in old age. So, it is rank as the second-most age-related degenerative brain disease. That affects up to 1% of people worldwide.

How does Marijuana help with Parkinson’s Disease?

The mechanism of action of Marijuana is beneficial to diverse health conditions. Primarily through the activities of the CBD and THC components. CBD is non-psychoactive and gives neuroprotective benefits to patients. THC is psychoactive and is sometimes use in combination with CBD. It exhibits its effect on the body by interacting with the cannabinoid type 1 receptor found in the Central Nervous System and the Cannabinoid type 2 receptor found in the immune system cells.

However, many clinical trials and research are being done to thoroughly understand. The mechanism of action of Cannabis and its derivatives. As more quality research is complete, more healing abilities of Cannabis will be discover.

How to add Medical Marijuana to Parkinson’s treatment?

So, all patients that wish to manage Parkinson’s disease with Marijuana need to have a Medical Marijuana Card Naples. Also, and you can register for one by following the steps mentioned below.

Medical Marijuana Card Naples
Medical Marijuana Card Naples

Consult with an experienced Marijuana Physician

The physicians in My Florida Green evaluate patients to ensure that they are eligible to use Marijuana as a medicinal drug. After a careful and thorough assessment, if they determine that the patient is qualified and can benefit from Cannabis. They recommend them to the Marijuana registry. So, once they start an application for the patient. They will assist you in uploading the required documents to compete for the application.

Qualified physicians are pivotal to the Marijuana certification process. As they have to determine if the patient is qualified for Cannabis treatment. Certain qualifying health conditions have been approve for Marijuana treatment. If you have been diagnose with one on the list. The physicians will verify it and start your Marijuana Card certification process.

My Florida Green assists qualified patients complete their applications.

Also, the certification process is straightforward but can be overwhelming for some. Patient advocates at My Florida Green help patients at each step of the certification process. To ensure qualified patients get their cards without delays.

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