Learn more about Warehouse Management System & Reasons to Implement it

An inventory management system is the most critical aspect that every business needs to run smoothly. To maintain stocks in warehouses and the exact movement tracked through the logistics channel all comes down to the inventory flow system. To have a better Warehouse Management System, rely on Armstrong’s Software

The pandemic situation has worsened the conditions of the operation of warehouses. If the situation demands more lockdowns, working with warehouses will probably not be efficient. It can affect sales, causing loss and also questioning survival.

What is Warehouse Management?

Warehouse Management mainly deals with organisations managing their multi-warehouse operations. These operations can be of various types-

  1. Arrangement of Inventory and maintaining Receivables in Warehouses.
  2. Maintaining strict documents for new stocks coming into the warehouse.
  3. Management of Packing and Shipment of goods.
  4. Tracking and Monitoring goods’ movement.

Along with these, there are other activities like training staff and others.

What is a Warehouse Management System?

In simple terms, a Warehouse Management System is software that allows to manage and automate everyday operations and activities in the warehouse. It provides transparency with how you work right from the distribution centre to the store shelf, and everything is under your control.

Implementing a Warehouse Management System will effectively reduce stress and efficiently streamline processes with real-time inventory data. Forecasting demands and orders of suppliers will get easier.

Most of the time, Warehouse Management and Inventory Management are seen as the same thing, but that is not true. Warehouse Management focuses more on how the goods are moving and tracking them throughout the shipment process, unlike Inventory Management.

Reasons to implement Warehouse Management Software 

Warehouse Management System is the best software to streamline your business processings through:

Inventory tracking system

  • Tracking becomes easier.
  • Allows monitoring multiple levels in multiple warehouses.

Significant increase in operational efficiency.

  • Faster working.
  • Real-time inventory information.

Error-free packed goods

  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Completely automated process.
  • Automatic matching of batch number of goods that are going to be shipped.

Accurate reporting

  • Quick and accurate reporting.
  • Easy to access data about movement and management of goods.

More Compelling reasons to start using WMS

Employee Theft Reduction

It is no wonder that employee theft is still a significant concern for business managers, especially those dealing with copper pipe, wire and other easily accessible valued items. Each year the total theft costs upto 80 billion dollars. However, it is challenging to accuse employers or prove them guilty; thus the Warehouse Management System is the easiest solution. WMS can isolate the missing items to understand if an employee theft circle runs. 

Employee Metrics Tracking

One of the open secrets to a successful business is employee-employer trust. WMS gives the real data as to the performance of every employee and understands who’s working the best. This can lead to a systematic reward system that encourages employees to work harder. Plus, it takes the guesswork out of the way as to how much work is being done. This improves feedback and production up to many folds. 

Keeps you ahead of your Competitors 

Companies often mistake getting a trusted WMS solely because the other companies haven’t invested in it yet. But the smart choices are made by those who take the first step. Getting a WMS will boost productivity and push your company far ahead of your competitors.

Wrapping Up

To get into a disciplined, fast and effective process to manage a business, investing in a Warehouse Management System is always the best decision. Armstrong Software is the perfect one if you are looking for a trusted partner with the best warehouse management system.


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