Know Everything about Bajaj Finserv Customer Portal

One of the leading Indian financial institutions, Bajaj Finserv, acquired 52,500+ customers in the first quarter of FY22. Apart from an exceptional financial offering, instant customer service through the Bajaj Finserv customer portal makes them popular among intending borrowers.

Moreover, to provide flawless borrowing solutions and enhance customer retention, they have launched Bajaj customer portal-Experia. This effective online portal offers a wide range of services, information, and details on several products. Besides this portal, the app comes with a user-friendly interface, allowing customers to access information anywhere and anytime.

Why is Bajaj Finserv customer portal a one-stop solution for customers?

For investing or borrowing purposes, a unified customer service portal like the Bajaj customer portal simplifies the task and allows borrowers to control their financial undertakings. Further, the flexibility to handle and supervise dealings without asking for any professional help makes it a one-stop destination for customers.

Following are the fundamental features of the Bajaj Finserv customer portal that one must know:

Flexible payment facilities

Through this portal, individuals can make Bajaj EMI online payment, part-prepayment, pay missed EMI etc. All they need to do is open “Online payment” option and choose “Quick Pay” to complete the transactions. Besides, it allows borrowers to make prior payments for loan EMIs and ensure flawless repayment history. Individuals can use the internet banking method to make payments conveniently.

Keep tabs on previous and active relations

Customers can view their existing financial liabilities, such as loans and investments, make Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card payments and download essential e-statements. Moreover, customers can access information on their closed loans and investments, view statements and the likes.

However, one needs to enter Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card details and log in to access necessary information.

Drawdown facility

With the availability of Bajaj customer portal, the drawdown option is more convenient where customers can withdraw a necessary amount from their Flexi-Loan accounts. This advantage significantly reduces the interest liability of a borrower and offers flexibility in using funds.

Get notifications about loans

While accessing the Bajaj Finserv customer portal, borrowers can find a “notification” tab to check all the payments, due amount, loan statements etc. Moreover, it notifies borrowers regarding the transactions and upcoming payment dates by logging into it with a few simple steps.

Check lucrative pre-approved offers

One of the notable features of this portal is that customers can check the available pre-approved loan offers. All you have to do is enter your basic information and avail exclusive pre-approved offers on various financial products. These offers are beneficial for borrowers as they can get instant access to unsecured loans, depending on their eligibility, and address varied monetary requirements.

  • Solve queries

Apart from financial commitments, Bajaj customer portal-Experia allows customers to resolve doubts and queries right away. For example, one can check loan status, raise a service request and resolve any mismatch or discrepancy in the account instantly.

  • Access to various applications

One can operate the customer portal and Bajaj Finserv wallet faultlessly and reap the benefits of diverse financial services.

  • Update personal information

Individuals can use this online instrument to upgrade or edit personal information, such as name, address, email address, contact number, as and when required. However, one must check the registered mobile number provided in this customer portal as all the crucial details and information regarding various services will be sent to that particular number. Putting incorrect or inactive numbers can lead to trouble as one will miss out on the necessary updates.

However, to maximise the benefits, one needs to know the login procedure. 

How to login to the customer portal?

Follow the illustrated steps below to leverage the features mentioned in the aforementioned pointers:

  1. At first visit the official Bajaj Experia login page
  2. Input customer ID, registered email ID and mobile number
  3. Select between receiving OTP or password
  4. Enter details depending on your preference and proceed by either clicking “generate OTP” or “Next”
  5. Input authentic verification details and log in

After successfully logging in, one can enjoy the services offered by this online platform.

Hence, it is evident that with the Bajaj customer portal, individuals can avail of the services mentioned and solve queries associated with Bajaj Finserv financial products, investments, EMI Network cards etc.

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