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Jeryan Problem Medicine – How to cure Jeryan Problem with Herbal Treatment

Reproduction is the ultimate goal for the survival of a species. Therefore, we have serious concerns for anything that hinders this process in any way. As we know that reproductive activity requires input from both sides – male and female. Thereby, we focus on the male and female health the most. From the statistical data we have received on both these genders, we have come to know that males are more vulnerable to sexual problems than females. So, Jaryan is one of such male reproductive problems and we want effective jeryan problem medicine at any cost.

In this article on jeryan, we will discuss the etiology of jeryan and how it can affect our relationship and daily life matters. Also, we will see how we can overcome the jeryan conditions and become healthy again.

An Overview of Jeryan 

Though we do not have much researched data on jeryan but still it is enough to inform someone about the severity of this male reproductive disorder. Throughout the world one out of 10 males is suffering from any sexual problem. Mostly, it is jeryan that affects their life the most. However, the reason behind less research based information on jeryan is people in countries like Pakistan and India have conservative thinking. Furthermore, they are shy or hesitant to talk about such sensitive topics.

But now things have changed a lot. Today we are exactly aware of jeryan and related health issues. Perhaps, we can define jeryan as:

“It is more like a male’s physical weakness that reveals itself in the form of excessive seminal discharges, more frequently at night time. “

How a Male Meet Jeryan? 

A male usually faces jeryan problems as a result of his own immoral activities. One of the major contributors to the jeryan problem is excessive masturbation. Others may include:

  • Poor diet
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Stress and depression
  • Smoking
  • Excessive use of nicotine products
  • Taking high potency medicines for some other ailment

Is there Any Cure to Jeryan? 

Yes of course, we have the best jeryan problem medicine. This means that we can treat this male physical weakness. It is a good thing about jeryan that no matter how long you are suffering from it, you can take jeryan problem medicine at any stage. But we cannot say how much time a male patient will require to overcome his physical weakness.

When to Visit a Hakim? 

A hakim is the better option for consulting such problems as compared to other healthcare personnel. They not only keep your matter confidential but also give satisfactory jeryan problem medicines after thorough examining your condition. Sometimes, they even go for different regimental therapies (Ilaj bil Tadbeer) along with medicinal treatment (Ilaj bil Dawa).

For a free consultancy, you can also take the services of experienced hakim at Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan. They offer free and reliable constancy not only in Pakistan but all over the world. Here are the numbers for free consultancy from Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan.

Areas  Numbers 
Anywhere in Pakistan 0309-5551491
For all the International Patients +92-3095551492


Treatment with a jeryan Problem Medicine 

We have a variety of jeryan problem medicine by different brands. But it is Ajmal Dawakhana on which people have built trust with the passage of time due to the effectiveness of their male health products. All of their male health problems show significant results as per the reviews of clients. Each has its own specialty. However, the recovery time by a jeryan problem medicine largely depends on the response of the patient’s body. The list of jeryan Problem Medicine is given below:

Sr. # Compound Medicines
1 Qurs Mumsik jadid
2 Jamilan
3 Habbe Jadwar Khas
4 Majun Arad Khurma
5 Qurs Sadaf
6 Safuf Gond Katiray wala
7 Qurs Abiaz
8 Qurs Jariyan Ajamli
9 Safuf Qalai
10 Qurs Qalai
11 Majun mughaliz Jawahar
12 Hab Maskoon
13 Majun Salab

A hakim can suggest any of the above mentioned products as per the condition of male. In case, the patient does not see any improvement even after using the product for more than one month, the hakim can change the medicine. Also, if the patient sees any negative side effect which in most cases never appears, a hakim can alternate the medicine with another.


From the details available on jeryan, now we can infer that once we consider it as an ailment. But it is no longer a disease as we have jeryan problem medicine in the market and at Matabs of Ajmal Dawakhana at affordable prices. However, it is easier to cure jeryan if a patient seriously takes an account of jeryan and cut off all the bad lifestyle habits.

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