Janome 712T Sewing Machine Honest Review

he Janome 712T model is a treadle-based sewing machine. It utilizes a treadle that is operated by the foot to make the machine. This is a new Janome machine, but it is based on traditional principles. The reviews from customers are very positive, and many users find it easy to thread and appreciate the fact that it doesn’t require electricity.

It’s a fantastic machine for those who are not connected to the grid or simply would like to do some cardio while sewing.

One of the primary things you should be aware of about this machine is that it requires a treadle-operated sewing cabinet to use it. If you are not familiar with these types of cabinets, Here is an example of how one appears like:

It is possible to purchase this cabinet; however, it’s quite expensive. You can find cheaper (but nevertheless lovely) cabinets in a variety of locations – such as eBay or Craigslist, for example.

Consumer Ratings Of Janome 712T

Consumer Ratings Of Janome 712T

The Janome 712T can be found on a variety of retail sites, and we have found 37 user reviews. They are listed in the following table. If they are averaged, these ratings give an average score that is 91.0 from 100 (or roughly 4.55 points out of five). This is a decent score, even though we’ve seen Janome’s scores higher.

  • Source Consumer Rating #Ratings
  • Amazon 4.6 ratings out of 5
  • Overstock 5 stars from 5
  • Sewvacdirect 3.3 stars out of 3

The analysis of comments by owners indicates that a few people scored the 712T with low scores due to the fact that it was difficult to fit inside its cabinet with a treadle. The ratings lowered the overall score, and without them, the machine could have been a bit higher.

This is because the difficulty of being able to fit into the cabinet isn’t necessarily a reflection of either the performance or quality of this machine. However, we can recognize the displeasure.

Consumer Insights

A detailed review of comments from owners has produced the following opinions and dislikes


  • It- Simple to thread
  • Simple to load bobbins
  • There are many built-in stitches (not uncommon on the majority of treadle machines)
  • does don’t require power
  • The fact is that you actually exercise when you sew
  • Very quiet


  • You will require a sewing cabinet that is operated by treadle (and belt) to run it
  • isn’t compatible with all cabinets with treadles
  • Cannot move the needle to the right of the center
  • Bobbin winder is slow

Quick Overview Of Janome 712T

There are plenty of reviews that highlight the fact that the 712T feels solid and extremely well-constructed. Furthermore, most users feel that it’s durable and that it produces an excellent stitch.

There aren’t many comments about problems with the machine, but those that do occur are mostly due to issues with getting the machine in the cabinet for the treadle.

The 712T has the capability of sewing through a variety of layers of material quickly, and it has a well-written instruction manual (you will find it at the end of this post). It’s important to note that the majority of users are very pleased with the feature it is green.

As one user stated, if you would like a treadle sewing device, it’s great to own a newer machine that is easy to find parts for and is also covered by an assurance. The treadle sewing machines of the past are beyond warranties, and parts may not be longer in stock.

We’ve noticed that certain vendors seem to offer a belt compatible with the 712T, but most don’t. It is worth asking questions prior to making a purchase. You can also read the best sewing machine for free motion quilting should you’d like.

Key Specifications Of Janome 712T

Key Specifications Of Janome 712T

  • Ten stitches for utility
  • Built-in 4-step buttonhole
  • Dial for an easy stitch selection
  • Max stitch width = 5mm
  • Max stitch length = 4mm
  • Thread tension manual control
  • Snap-on the presser feet
  • Extra high presser foot lift
  • 5-piece feed dog
  • Drop feed capable
  • A bobbin winder that is push-pull
  • High loading, full-rotary hooks bobbins for rotary
  • Flatbed design
  • Carry handle

The 712T is an aluminum frame made of die-cast, and the frame can see the frame’s base dimensions below:

The stitching is printed directly on the front of the machine. See below:

Many accessories are included with the 712T. These include six presser feet, including zipper foot, sliding buttonhole foot, zig-zag, the overedge foot and blind stitch foot, and blind stitch. Also included are bobbins, needles, a finger protector and a lint brush, a screwdriver, and a seam cheaper.

Warranty Of Janome 712T

The Janome 712T comes with an extended warranty of 25 years. Warranty. If broken down, this gives:

  • 25 years on internal steel cast
  • Two years warranty on an electrical component
  • 1-year and labor and labor

Sewing Machine Manual

The sewing machine’s manual on Janome’s website: Janome 712T Manual. The layout of this manual is messy, and it appears as if someone copied it, but it’s directly from Janome.

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