Is your Car Crying for Help?

If you own a car then you probably treat it like a child (you must), a car is something that doesn’t speak for help often and whenever there is a clear indication of an issue, the situation has got a lot worse than you would imagine it to be. Here are some of the indicators that your car might be crying for help and you are too busy to even notice it & Car Crying.

Having a car is a huge responsibility, as compared to the benefits and positive aspects of having a car, the maintenance and constant care stress many people. Although it is definitely true that timely care and proper maintenance can save you a lot in terms of cost and time in the latter days.

You didn’t get it Check   since a Long Time

This is a weird one but it is true, if your vehicle hasn’t been to the mechanic for so long then you must be ready for a big cry soon. Not getting regular maintenance is a sign and a big major reason why your car would be suffering soon.

It is not something that your car has but it is an issue which you yourself lead the car towards. Make sure to get your car checked and maintained regularly. A great idea is to use the Valvoline coupon to make maintenance and regular checkup a breeze for you.

The Manual Tells you So

We all have a habit of shoving the car manual in the dashboard and not bothering to look at it again. Car manuals come with the right ways and proper techniques to keep your car fresh and new. After all they are the ones with the instructions and who knows better than them about the product. If the car manual asks you to get a service after a certain number of miles then you get that service no matter what.

Warning Lights

Like obviously, but you shouldn’t be waiting for the warning lights to come up and wake you out of the dream. Warning lights are the indicator of a big problem which you should have taken care of (precautionary ways) but no worries as soon as your car gives a warning light make sure to get it checked by a reputable mechanic.


Like a two year old who makes a screeching noise at the top of their lungs, a car shows problems through various hints and ways and wants you to hear it. If you ignite the engine and hear a squeal sound each time then chances are your car needs help. Or if the car makes a unique noise on speed breaker or during a specific turn this is a cry for help.


Vibrations are common when you are on a bumpy road but if your car doesn’t stop jumping while you are on a straight road then you need help. Or specifically your car is the one who needs help. Vibrations indicate the car being in some sort of trouble or the engine parts lacking lubrication.

More Fuel Consumption

Cars with problems don’t have engines that are efficient. Of fact, all automotive engines lose efficiency over time, although the loss is often small during the vehicle’s lifetime.If you notice that your vehicle is getting significantly less mileage per gallon, it may be time to have it serviced.

Constant Stoppages

This may sound obvious, but you’d be shocked how many individuals continue to commute even when faced with this problem! Some might even shrug it off as a hot weather thing or even poor ones start blaming their driving. A sudden stopping and cutting off of the engine is a clear indication that you should visit the mechanic. Do you find yourself stopping at intersections all the time, even when you’re sure you’re in the appropriate gear?

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