iPhone Not Receiving Text Messages from Android?

iPhone users and android users both have their debates justifying which operating system is the best. There have been many problems faced by iPhone users as well as android users go related to each other. While iPhone users have the liberty to communicate via iMessages there is nothing much for android users. iMessage works through the internet but does not charge any extra cost for delivering the message. It is a fast message source where people can even send stickers and emojis.

However, many iPhone users have complained that they do not receive text messages from android. What can be the issue behind this? You might want to sell your mobile online and just get rid of the issue. But there are other ways you can try before you do that.

Some other ways you can try


  1. Enable the required settings

iPhones can always receive or send a text by default. However, the user has to customize the setting if they are sending it via iMessage or normal text message. The window for the space for sending iMessage and the normal text message is the same. It is just that the iMessage will appear in the blue color box and a normal text message appears in the green color box. If you have the MMS and group messaging disabled on your iPhone, this can be one of the reasons. Android users can send any kind of pictures or emoji stickers but you won’t receive them on your iPhone until the MMS and group image messaging settings are enabled. You may see that any emoji that was placed by an android person is now appearing in a box with a question mark On your iPhone. However, you might have still received all of those emojis from the iPhone person who sent them to you on iMessage. This is because even if the MMS was disabled it doesn’t affect the iMessage but only the text message.

  1. Re-check if you have blocked the contact

There are many times when you block her contacts and forget about it. This might be one of the reasons why you are unable to receive the message from that specific person. If you have accidentally blocked a person then as a result you will not receive any text or call from that person. You need to go and unlock that person to receive it again. You can check your blocked numbers by going to the settings menu. Followed by messages and blocked contacts. You can remove or add anyone you want to the block list by swiping left and tapping on unblock.

  1. Declutter your text messages

There is a note in the text message inbox. There are so many promotional messages or other kinds of messages which are awaiting to be even read in your text box. This fills a lot of space on your mobile phone unknowingly. You need to be clear about these messages which are not important. As we give our contact number to many brands and services, we receive promotional messages from them. You must delete the messages which are not required and try to save some space.

  1. Contact Your Service provider

If you are unable to fix the problem yourself you might need the help of a professional. You could simply contact the service provider of the carrier you are using. The cellular service provider will have some information about the iPhone and why it is not receiving any messages. Not getting text messages is a useful task as we do not use it on daily basis but we need it for OTP and passwords. Communication and technology go hand-in-hand but there can be issues arising because of simple problems. You should also check if you have recharged for the text messages back as that can also restrict messages from arriving on your device.

  1. Factory reset

This is not a problem but the solution for every problem. Factory resetting your device can sometimes help you to resolve many issues. When you factory reset the data is erased from your device and that is why you must take a backup before you take this step. It can come down the phone and make many things normal and fix many issues.

  1. Visit a repair shop

Visiting the mobile repair store is the only option you have if nothing seems to work for you. You will need professional guidance and help to fix the issue with your mobile phone. You cannot just deny the fact that you want to see many text messages anymore and sit with it. While taking professional guidance will help fix the issue and let you use the device you were using.


As technology provides us with so many features we cannot just expect it to be good all the time. All the electronic devices will show some other technical issues with time. In such cases, you can always contact quick mobile repair services to fix such issues.

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