iPad Repair: Not as Easy as it Seems

Your beloved iPad isn’t working properly. You aren’t able to lock the device or turn the volume up and think that there’s something wrong with the buttons. Visiting the nearest Apple store might be your first thought but be careful, iPad repair is not such a straightforward process as you might think.

Let’s look at the reason why.

Getting your iPad Repaired by Apple

To put it simply, Apple doesn’t do iPad repair and instead replaces your iPad with the same model. Apple says that they do it “for the sake of a better customer experience”. While getting a new iPad might sound good at first, it comes with a few catches of its own.

First of all, there is a very slight chance that the Apple store you visit has the same model with the same colour, cellular options, and storage space as yours in stock. This means that even if you visit the Apple store with a damaged iPad, they won’t be able to give you a new one. And since repair is not in their policy, you’ll have to leave the store with a damaged device. In some cases, you might need to wait a week or even more for the replacement iPad to come.

This replacement policy is not just limited to severe damages like a broken screen or battery replacement but is done for smaller repairs like replacing a power button as well. For people living in Tier 1 cities with an Apple store nearby, this doesn’t sound that much of an inconvenience, it’s just a week’s wait. But for people who live far away from an Apple store and had to travel an hour or two, not getting your power button fixed after such a long journey can be really frustrating.

Local Repair Shop to the Rescue

For a majority of users, finding an Authorised Apple Service Provider (AASP) near them can be a near-impossible task. Add the fact that even if they did, there is a chance that their device won’t get fixed right away. In cases like these, a third-party repair centre comes to the rescue.

This is especially true for iPads as Apple will issue a replacement iPad for even the smallest of issues. With 76 different combinations of iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini and the original iPad available in the market, you’d be lucky if the store has your iPad in stock. Another issue with Apple is that they will surely erase your data and for a water-damaged iPad, they say there is a zero per cent chance of the data being recovered.

However, this isn’t entirely correct. Local repair stores are generally more friendly when it comes to data recovery and try their best to give the user a chance to backup or copy whatever data they can instead of simply denying any possibility of recovery. If you don’t have a lot of time to wait, third-party stores are your best bet to repair the iPad, replace the screen or faulty buttons and get it working in just a couple of days instead of weeks. Additionally, repairing the device is cheaper than paying for a replacement unit and you’ll still have your original device.

Vetting a Third-Party Store

Before hopping to your nearest mobile repair centre, there’s one thing that you should remember: Apple has a policy where the warranty of your device will get void if you go to a third-party repair centre for repairs. While Apple has started to ease off on the restrictions a bit in recent years, you should still vet the local repair shop before giving your device for repair.

Here are a few pointers to help you out:

  • Customers know best: Look for reviews of the shop to see whether the customers are happy with their service or not. A shop with a lot of existing happy customers is a good indicator of their repair quality.
  • Inquire about parts: One of the reasons people choose the Apple store is for genuine parts. Ask your repair shop about where they are procuring the parts and will there be a guarantee on them. Guarantee on the parts means that the parts are genuine and the repair shop has no qualms about its quality.
  • Check with the Apple community: The Apple community is quite big and there’s a chance that someone has already faced what you are facing. Take their help to find a trusted local repair shop near your area.

In the end, the decision to get the repair done at an Apple store or third-party store depends on the user’s discretion. For iPad repair, however, Rapid Repair is one of the best third-party service centres in the country. They have a team of expert professionals and use genuine Apple parts backed by a guarantee to make sure that your iPad looks and works exactly like before. Contact now to fulfill your repair needs.

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