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IOS Vs. Android App Development: Major Differences

Mobile applications have become important tools to earn great revenue not only for individuals but also for businesses. But before hopping into the development process, it is crucial to know what operating system to choose for the application. Android and IOS operating systems support their native applications, and an application developed for Android will not be compatible with the IOS OS.

With the increase in business and entrepreneurial needs for mobile applications, there is a rapid growth in development. The number of Android applications will vary from the IOS due to the number of target audiences and the demand in the market. You must understand the market’s needs and then begin the development process. Make sure the people you are hiring to develop the application know the difference between an Android and an IOS application.

Keep reading this article to get familiar with some major differences between Android and IOS mobile application development.

Top 7 Differences Between Android and IOS App Development

The two most popular application types are Android and IOS, and both these application types vary in different ways. These differences are the reason their development methods and processes are different. These differences do not only make the availability of a specified developer necessary but also a specified budget and resources.

Following are some of the major differences between Android and IOS app development.

1. Global audience and users

Choosing the operating system for application development will depend upon your target market. In general, the number of Android users is higher than IOS users because of the difference in cost. So, the Android apps are developed keeping a global audience in mind and according to their needs. Regardless of your target audience, the application’s work must be top-notch. For perfect mobile applications, people consider the mobile app development Dubai developers for targeting and fulfilling the needs of the global audience successfully.

2. Widget support

The widgets supported in Android applications are higher as compared to IOS mobile apps. This support difference results in a difference in the development of these applications for two different operating systems. The home screen display and the widget display for Android are more convenient when compared to an IOS application. An IOS user will only be able to enjoy the widgets that are available in the notification center.

3. Navigation bar placement

The major difference between these applications is the placement of the navigation bar. While placing the navigation bar, the developer must keep the ease and comfort of the user in mind regardless of the platform. The navigation bar in Android applications is placed in the center, whereas the navigation bar can be seen on the left in IOS applications.

4. Development cost

The development cost of Android applications is much higher than IOS applications. It is because Android applications are developed for different screens, and on the other hand, IOS applications are only for apple products. Moreover, Android applications are deployed on Google Play, Amazon web, etc. The developed IOS application can only be shared and deployed on the Apple store.

5. Application testing

After every application is developed, it becomes necessary to test it before deploying it or making it available for the target audience. The Android and IOS applications have their simulators to conduct the application testing before release. The testing of Android applications is quite slow compared to the testing conducted for IOS applications on IOS simulators. Irrespective of the time it takes to test an application, it becomes mandatory to test the mobile applications to avoid failures and application malfunctions.

6. Development process complexity

Due to the extensive number of Android applications and various interface demands. The IOS applications development is for a limited number of devices, so the application development complexity is little. Making your application compatible with different devices and browsers is a complex task.

7. Android and IOS App security

Apple store has more complex processes and operations, which increases the safety of the IOS applications. In contrast to this, Google play is less complicated and has limited procedures, making it a little safe. But the application’s security mostly depends upon how well it is developed and how secure the code is. For secure and safer applications of any kind, you can consider app development companies like Spiral Click to ensure your app security.

So, what are your plans for mobile app development?

The development of your mobile application will depend upon your needs and the platform on which you want it to be available for the audience. Whatever the platform or your target audience is, their experience while interacting with the application matters. So, make sure to hire someone who has the expertise in developing applications of any kind without compromising user experience.

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