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Install WPC Floorboards Wood Look | Building A Terrace In The Garden 

WPC decking is a fantastic substitute for building outdoor areas around the house. Lay wpc floorboards without a substructure, they are reasonably priced and simple to install. Compared to tiled or paved terraces, WPC decking requires very little maintenance. This applies to both the materials’ preparation and processing. They are also quite comfortable to walk on and incredibly strong. The WPC tile is therefore the perfect option for DIYers who are concerned about costs.

Describe WPC.

Describe WPC.

WPC floorboards wood looks quickly, easily, and practically.

WPC stands for “Wood Plastic Composite,” which denotes that they are made of a mixture of plastic and wood dust. Plastics are the major use for polyethylene (PE). These don’t just result in desirable material qualities.

Additionally, they are excellent for usage thermally:

When polyethylene burns, it decomposes into carbon dioxide and water vapor. Because of this, WPC boards made of PE plastic are environmentally safe. Simply ask the shop for a PE-WPC wpc dielen holzoptik if you are hesitant to install plastic flooring due to environmental concerns. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is another type of plastic that is utilized. When it comes to disposal, this is considerably more challenging. There are BPC planks in addition to WPC planks. These are filled with sawdust and bamboo shavings rather than wood.

Both benefits and drawbacks


Both benefits and drawbacks

Solid wood floors may be replaced more affordably with wpc floorboards wood look. However, solid wpc floorboards grey has a number of drawbacks that make careful consideration before usage necessary. For example, wood splinters, warps, absorbs water, rots, and has a tendency to run color. These drawbacks can be largely offset by the WPC planks. However, they are not completely risk-free.

The benefits of WPC boards are:

  • Consistent quality for wall thickness, diameter, and color
  • Uniform product characteristics
  • Simple processing
  • Extremely resilient and weather-resistant
  • Unshod acceptable
  • Inexpensive
  • A huge assortment of colors
  • Simple to keep up
  • Just a minimum substructure is necessary
  • Simple to construct
  • Should be removed without leaving any trace
  • Appropriate for putting in electrical components

The drawbacks of WPC boards are:

The drawbacks of WPC boards are:

  • Products made of plastic are only marginally appropriate for consumers who care about the environment.
  • product quality varies wildly amongst manufacturers
  • with a little carrying capacity

Lay wpc floorboards without a substructure Instructions

Steps for laying up a patio using WPC decking

WPC boards have the distinct advantage of being very easy on the foundation. They can almost certainly be laid directly on the grass. As a base for a terrace in the garden, plain concrete paving slabs are enough. The 30 cm-long edges of the old washed concrete slabs are ideal for this. They provide a sizable support surface, are weatherproof, and prevent the substructure’s feet from slipping. But ideally, at least the turf gets taken out. This stops the terrace from being invaded by weeds and grass.

You must first build the patio. WPC boards are appropriate for any form of installation, whether it be on a home wall or a patio in the yard. Choose a patio with clean edges. The decking is extremely simple to install. Although they are feasible, curved contours are exceedingly costly to construct.

Place the supplied substructure on top of the wpc floorboard’s wood look. This foundation is made out of a beam and movable feet. Before setting up, it is crucial to be aware of the distances and to follow them.

To build decking, you will need:

To build decking, you will need:

  • The crossbeams are spaced apart by 30 cm.
  • The feet can be spaced apart by up to 50 cm.
  • The cross beams are fitted with a 30 cm overlap.

As a result, you need to put paving slabs in a certain design to build the decking. The more precisely you measure the foundation plates, the less post-installation retouching is required.

Install the foundation

Considering the slope is crucial while installing WPC boards. The longitudinal gradient of the floors should be around 2 degrees. On the other hand, they must lie straight in the transverse direction. Puddles develop on the terrace when there isn’t a slope. There, dirt gathers, or in the winter, slick, black ice surfaces develop. Dirt always accumulates in the grooves and cannot drain out if the gradient is installed in a transverse orientation. As the grooves soon enlarge, moss and lichen begin to grow there.

However, if the terrace is laid out with the slope properly, rainfall will wash down along the grooves swiftly and neatly, carrying all dirt particles with it. The terrace will self-clean if the slope is suitable. The slope is, of course, always directed away from the house wall. If the terrace is laid out incorrectly, the living room will always be submerged in water.

The substructure’s rotating feet are used to change the gradient. To do this, start by tightening all of the swivel feet to their smallest setting. Then totally remove the foot that is closest to the house’s wall or adjust it so that the wpc dielen verlegen ohne unterkonstruktion upper edge connects to the window reveal. Then turn the swivel foot outward at the other end of the lower beam.

A 2° gradient indicates:

The beam must lower itself by 2 cm for every meter it is extended. This causes a decrease of 5 cm over the full length of a beam that is 2.50 meters in length. To do this, lay a second beam of the same length on the base beam, and then set a spirit level as far up the second beam as you can. Now lift the upper bar until “Straight” appears on the spirit level.

Next, measure the separation between the beams. Once the proper slope is attained, adjust the swivel foot that was taken off the house wall. After that, detach each of the other swivel feet so that just the paving slabs are left on them. To the other bars, repeat the process. To prevent installing a rocker, measure in the transverse direction as well.

It is necessary to lay the substructure such that it never extends past the wooden beam. WPC planks are brittle and readily break off.

Install wpc floorboards wood look.


Install wpc floorboards wood look.

You may begin installing the wpc floorboards wood look as soon as the substructure is finished. Start on the exterior, or the place that is farthest from the house wall, to accomplish this. With the help of clips and screws, the decking planks are fastened to the foundation.

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