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Industrial Water Meters for Large-cale Industrial Building

Flow meters for industrial purposes come in various designs. It is therefore important to make sure that you have the right type for your flow system. When measuring water, we need to ensure that there is repeatability and accuracy. These are the most important aspects of a flow system. Industrial water flow meter types can either be mechanical or electrical, depending on the application. In this post, we shall look at flow meters used to measure flow in large-scale applications. Continue reading for knowledgeable insights. 

What are Industrial water flow meter types? 

If you want to ensure that the flow rate is within the set parameters, you have to make sure that you are using the right kind of flow meter. Water flow instruments can function electrically or mechanically. Most water flow meters work mechanically when measuring flow rate Here are several examples of water flow meters:

Turbine flow meters 

Turbine flow meters are the best types of water flow meters. These types of flow meters work mechanically when measuring flow rate. They are inline flow meters. This means that they are fixed along the pipeline. Water needs to go through to read the flow rate. They have moving parts which mean that they may easily break. You need to get the right type to get the right results. They are available in different sizes. The rotor within these types of Industrial water flow meter types usually rotates when water passes through them. If the speed of water is high, the flow rate will be higher too.

Electromagnetic flow meters 

These flow meters work perfectly to measure the flow rate in water through larger pipelines. The water that is usually measured using this type of flow meter is usually conductive. This means that it must contain ions that conduct electricity. Pure water does not conduct electricity. That is why you can’t use electromagnetic flow meters to measure flow rate in all types of three. Mag meters usually earnestly power electromagnetic induction. They hardly come in contact with the fluid when measuring flow rate. They measure flow accurately; that is why they are largely used in industrial applications.

Paddlewheel flow meters 

Paddlewheel flow meter types often measure flow rate mechanically. This means that they also have moving parts within them. The paddles within these flow meters rotate when water is flowing through the flow meter. If the pressure is too low, it will affect the accuracy of the flow meter. Flow systems that use these types of flow meters need to always have a constant flow. 

If the flow is not constant, there will be inconsistencies in the reading. Paddlewheel flow meters are popular kinds for measuring clean water. If the water has larger particles, the paddles within these flow meters may break. Dirt may also slow down the paddles. This type of flow meter requires regular maintenance and recalibration.

Ultrasonic flow meters

While measuring flow rate, ultrasonic water flow meter types use sound waves within the walls of the pipeline. They also don’t come into contact with the measured fluid. That is why they are often used with fluids that may cause damage to the pipeline. They are cost-effective flow meters if you intend to use them in the long run. Moving parts are there, therefore, it does not require regular maintenance. Slurry fluids are unlikely to give an accurate measurement.


These are the main types of flow meters used in the large-scale processing of water. If you intend to use these flowmeters, make sure that you follow the flow measurement guidelines given by the manufacturer. The manufacturer will explain to the user what is needed when using these types of flow meters to measure flow rate. Make sure that the water flow meter is installed correctly. Otherwise, you won’t get proper flow measurement. 

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