Importer Registration: Guidelines for registering an Import Licensee

We all know about the different licenses issued by the Department of Legal Metrology. We have discussed them in detail regarding their type, scope, functionality, eligibility, and registration process. But in this article, we will specifically talk about the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity (LMPC) Importer registration license.

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Let us consider a business entity, an individual, Firm, Hindu Undivided Family, Society, Company, or Corporation that imports any commodity for sale, distribution, or delivery. Such entities must make an application, accompanied by a fee of five hundred rupees. The applicant must address the application to the Director or the Controller for the Legal Metrology Department for Importer Registration with their name and complete address.

Import Operation Commencement

Each Importer’s application can be in the case of one of the following:

(i) An applicant imports a commodity at the commencement of the LMPC rules within ninety days from its commencement.

(ii) An applicant who commences import of a commodity after the commencement of the LMPC rules, within ninety days from the date on which it commences the pre-packing.

Content of the Importer Registration Application

Every Importer registration application must contain the following particulars:

  • Name of the applicant
  • Complete address of the premises at which the applicant is doing the import of one or more commodities
  • Name of the commodity or commodities imported by the applicant

Alteration to the Importer Registration certificate

For making any alteration in the Importer Registration certificate, the Authority will charge you a fee of rupees one hundred. The concerned Importer must pay such payment to the Director or Controller.

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Authority’s Assessment of the Importer’s Application

On receipt of the application, the Director or Controller, as the Registering Authority, can do the following:

Incomplete Application: If the application is not complete in all respects, return the same to the applicant within a period of seven working days from the date of receipt of the application.

Incomplete Application: If the application is complete, register the applicant and grant a registration certificate to the applicant.

Shorter Address Registration

An Importer can make an application to the Director or the Controller for the registration of a shorter address in addition to the complete address. For example, suppose the Director is satisfied that the shorter address is sufficient to enable the consumer to identify the Importer. In that case, the Director or the Controller can register the shorter address. If the Director or the Controller registers the shorter address for the commodity, then the Importer must state such a shorter address on the label of each commodity he imports.

Post-Importer Registration

Consequently, the Director or the Controller will enter in the Register the name and complete address of each Importer who made the registration application. And the Register will be open for the public’s inspection without paying any fee.

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Compiling a list of Importers

The Director or the Controller must compile a state-wise list of the importers he registered. Then, the Director must circulate the list to the Controller of the concerned State. This must be done to enable the Controller to take, or cause to be taken, samples at the Importer’s premises.

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