How were your initial days of Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi?

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I graduated from college in July 2020, brimming with fresh energy, excitement, and an ambition to pass the UPSC exam and be an officer in the Government of India. I had no clue whatsoever about the exam and its syllabus, patterns and the questions. All I had at the time was determination and a focus Now Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi .

The most famous and successful Course for UPSC Preparation after class 12th is LAKSHYA – 3 Years IAS Foundation Course by EDEN IAS in Delhi. There are many aspirants who join this course with the graduation in Delhi University or also they can join with Delhi University’s Open Learning course for graduation commonly called as DU SOL.

Then began the stage of preparation. It was a daunting task to clear Prelims appeared to be a huge task. Initial preparation was defined by fluctuating levels of confidence. In some cases, a few days of studying made me extremely confident. After that, I would take a mock test and helped me lower my degree. Then I thoughtlet hai aur padega’.

There was uncertainty regarding the what the future would hold. There was a lot of confusion regarding which option to pick. Then came the introduction of the CSAT aptitude test that brought an entirely new problem. The enormous volumes of books and notes with appealing typography in ORN or Mukherjee Nagar were a temptation lots.

Reading “The Hindu” was to be the most boring thing on earth. At times, I slept in a comfortable way. It was my best night’s sleep I’ve ever had.

The ability to discern what information to be reading and what is not was developed over the passage of time. I realized that establishing an effective strategy is crucial. I would regularly read discussions on Eden ias and read articles on This was helpful in planning my studies. I would refer to any new source that was released such as Unacademic. It is important to keep an eye on these companies. Each of them has its unique USP and you could benefit from it.

Friends, you may think that passing this test is a challenge and even impossible. However, the times have changed. With websites such as Quora that allow you to get straight guidance from us. With Quora, I will make sure that my aim will be always to make this test easier for you.

The first few days of preparation will be full of anxiety, nerves as well as confusion and fear. It’s completely normal. Keep your eyes on the ball. Make sure you combine your hard work and smart work.

When I am reminiscing about the exam, I am happy because UPSC has forced me to challenge my abilities. The process helps you become stronger.

In conclusion, I would suggest that you go through your previous questions, analyse them and then learn from them. Create a schedule for a week at a time, so that you are able to follow it with complete dedication.

Check out my other responses on how to prepare your current affairs and creating a successful approach for CSE. I hope this will be helpful to you.

  1. They were extremely difficult to understand. Every single thing seemed to be crucial. Every book, magazine toppers notes, pdf and all other things. Fortunately, I had restricted access to these sources beyond the Internet as I was working from home. If I had been exposed to the market of Delhi and the city of Delhi, I could be lost in the plethora of irrelevant information. I was forced to spend long hours and days studying the toppers strategies on Mrunal’s site to identify their common points of preparation. It took me all of a month to get started correctly’.
  2. It was a feeling of relief, however. I don’t need to repeat the experiences I lived when I was in Chemical Engineering. It was finally my turn to be free of all the dull talk about IT jobs, job placement GRE, CAT, GMAT, GATE, and six-figure packages. I wasn’t interested in any of them. In addition, CSE offered me a chance to hold onto while everyone else was content with these traditional options.
  3. There was a sense of fear that was in the back of my head. The decision to study for CSE was a risky and unpopular choice for those close to me. My friends would laugh at me whenever they passed me at college. There was plenty of despair about. What if the plan didn’t come out as expected? What would happen if I was a shambles in the same competition? “Doesn’t matter, I’m already a major failure now. Another time doesn’t have any significance” This is how I would console myself Mains Answer Writing.

  4. My lifestyle change was a different story in itself. Sleeping too much, eating unbalanced as well as a lack of discipline, and many other. I was able to gradually eliminate each of the above. It took me close to two to three months to achieve some sort of satisfaction in this situation. The issue of night-time routine needed to be addressed in some way. To solve this issue, I decided to try cricket which I used to be very passionate about during my time at college. Each year, in the months between January and February, I would rise early to practice cricket to prepare for the annual tournament at the college. After the cricket season ended, I would fall back into a normal night-time routine. However, during the winter months of I took advantage of the cricket practice and began a regular daytime routine. The practice has remained the same since then.
  5. There was no one to for assistance. Quora wasn’t as popular during 2014-15. There was no one that would spare the time to personally assist myself in any direction. I was required to clear my questions on my own by conducting hours of research online. It took a lot of time but slowly I was able to master self-decision by myself. It made me self-dependent over time.
  6. Final semester at college was a major stumbling block for me in the preparation. It caused a lot of things. Projects, class tests assignments, tests and so on. Then the final exam too. It was impossible that I could have prepared during those first few days even with all my efforts. To compensate for my absence, I sat out all kinds of graduation programs such as alumni events, graduation parties, and celebrations for my final year during the final few months of college. My friends said to me that I had missed all the “entertainment of my lifetime”. However, I wasn’t interested in such entertainment at my life. Nowadays, I’m grateful that I didn’t attend any of the festivities and spent my time well.


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