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How to Stay Healthy with Our Fabulous Body No matter how fat you are

When you stay healthy you feel better and perform all your daily activities in the required time-space. Give up these annoying inclinations to defeat casteism.

Some annoying inclinations, such as unnecessary drinking of tea or coffee, resting after a meal, and remembering the fire reserve for our regular diet, can cause acidity problems.

Clearing the way for life changes such as proper rest, drinking plenty of water, relaxing, practicing yoga, taking exams, and exercising regularly can help with your acidity problems.  Winter can eliminate your acidity and spread problems. Staying inside with extraordinary real work and confirming more calories can ruin your stomach’s well-being. In addition, some unwanted attachments such as drinking too much tea or coffee, resting after meals, and remembering too many hot foods for your diet can make this problem worse.

To avoid catastrophe and the anxiety that accompanies it, one must be active, eat the routine of fair destruction and avoid pressure. There are some food sources that people who are prone to acidity should avoid. A more unshakable dinner may help to separate from a great meal, but it is recommended to rest two hours after the meal and not to go to bed after lunch or dinner. With reference to

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# Avoid overeating, bitter, sharp, solid, cooked, and reasonable food. These food sources are more prone to processing and can trigger acid reflux.

# Try not to pug out Try to stay away from bitter natural foods: It is better for your gastrointestinal tract to accept moderate food than normal food, instead of a major setback. Some hard normal foods like oranges and berries that are eaten on the stomach can cause heartburn at this time.

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# Try not to go hungry for a long time if it causes castration. Do whatever it takes to skip meals, especially lunch. Avoid annoying and unhealthy foods. Have a quick dinner # Avoid foods that are high in garlic, salt, and oil. Best to avoid nonvegetarian.

# Try not to rest after eating and in the supine position. The best-recommended position is set aside. # Avoid smoking, alcohol, tea, coffee, and painkillers.   # The last and most important thing to keep sharp is to avoid stress.

There are some reasonable domestic reforms that can try to thwart the catastrophe:

1. Drink coriander water throughout the day. To make it, put six drops of water in a piece of crushed coriander seeds and save it for now. Sift and mix a small amount of rock sugar and place it on an empty stomach first.

2. Licking half a teaspoon of fennel seeds after eating has an effect.

3. Coconuts water is one of the best things

4. You can also drink fennel lemon juice in the afternoon. Mix fennel seeds with rock sugar.

5. Soak raisins in the present moment and drink water on an empty stomach the next morning.

6. At rest, drink lukewarm milk with 4 grams of cow’s ghee. It will also help prevent sleep deprivation.

7. Drink rose water and mint water as they are cool and also help indigestion.

8. Sweet pomegranates, bananas, boiled apples, berries, raisins, apricots, and coconuts are useful in preventing destruction.

9. 15-20 ml of honey needs to be pressed twice daily. Acknowledging that you are eating it in powder form, 5 grams twice a day before meals will work for you permanently.

10. Acidity is possible by mixing 10 grams of honey twice in a row with milk.

11. When the stomach is empty, take 10 grams of ginger or licorice root powder twice a day.

12. Drink aloe vera juice approximately 20 ml on an empty stomach in the morning and evening.

Final Words:

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