How to Reset Your Macbook Pro Easily?

It is recommended to reset Your Macbook to its factory settings could help you resolve issues if you’ve tried everything else and nothing has been successful. It is recommended that you bring back your Mac to factory settings prior to giving it away or selling it in order to remove all personal files and personal information.

As following the steps will wipe out all the information on your Mac ensure that you backup crucial files prior to doing so. Cleaning out garbage from the data that are worth keeping may appear like an overwhelming task however it’s not.

Preserve Your Important Files to reset Your Macbook

After you have used Cleaner One Pro to remove the junk It is possible to back up the rest of your files with Time Machine.

  • Simply click on the Time Machine menu icon () on the menu bar, and then choose Open Time Machine Preferences…
  • It is also possible to click to open the Apple Menu icon () Select Systems Settings…, and then select Time Machine.
  • Click the Choose Backup Disk…button
  • Select a backup drive from the list, then select Utilize Disk. Be sure to select an external drive that can remove to your Mac.
  • Check you have checked the Auto-Back Up checkbox to begin the process of backing up your data and files to external drives.

Disable or De-authorize Service

Once you’ve saved your important data to reset Your Macbook and you have to disable all the applications. Associated with your Mac particularly in the event that you are planning to give it the device away the computer or offer it for sale. You can take help online about how to reset macbook pro without losing data.

Log out from iTunes.

Open iTunes. On the menu bar at highest point of your screen, or on near the bottom of the iTunes window, click Account and then select Settings Then select Authorizations then select “Deauthorize” This PC. If prompted, you must provide you with your Apple Account ID along with your password Then press to deauthorize.

Log out of the iCloud.

Go to for the Apple Menu icon () Choose the System preferences, choose ICloud and then select to sign out.

Log out from IMessage.

Start the Messages application, then click the Messages tab, choose Preferences and then select Accounts. Select the iMessage account you have, and then select Sign Out..

Remove any connected Bluetooth devices (if required).

Choose on the Apple Menu icon () Choose System Preferences and then select Bluetooth to reset Your Macbook. Place the mouse cursor over the device you wish to remove then select to click the remove (x) icon right next to the name of the device. If you are you are asked to confirm your decision Click remove.

Make a Restore of Your Mac to Factory Settings

Then, erase your hard drive before installing Mac OS X by following the steps in the following steps.

  • Choose to open the Apple menu icon, and then choose Restart. Once the Mac starts to restart, press both the command and the keys until the R keys till it appears that the Mac OS X Utilities display is displayed.
  • Choose the Disk Utility Click to continue.
  • Select the startup disk you want to use on the left-hand side of the screen, then click erase.
  • Click on the format pop-up menu, select Mac OS Extended Give it a name, and then select erase.
  • After erasing the disk select the Disk Utility after which choose Stop Disk Utility.
  • Choose Install macOS and click Continue and follow the steps that are displayed.


Following these steps after reset Your Macbook will start up and display the setup wizard like you bought it from the box from the shop. If you want to maintain your Mac and use it for a long time, follow the setup assistant’s directions. If you are planning to give or sell it you can use Command+Q to stop the setup program, and then select Shut down. The new owner must be able to complete the setup procedure.

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