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How to Print Multiple PST Files?

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular and preferred email clients since it provides a variety of unique features that were created with a variety of organisational needs in mind. We also know that Microsoft Outlook saves and stores data in the PST file format. However, there may be times when you need to print sensitive data from your PST file for security reasons. In such instances, relying on a trustworthy third-party tool to handle the need to Print Multiple PST Files is the best option.

Have you ever needed to print Outlook emails or other data items on the go? If so, take a seat and enjoy thoroughly exploring the blog! There are cost-effective ways to inspect and store Outlook PST files, as we will show in this section, by using multiple naming convention patterns.

Before we get to the answer, consider the user query mentioned below.

“I work for a well-known organisation as a Data Analyst Officer.” A few days back, one of my clients asked me to print some crucial Outlook emails in portable format. I’ve been going from pillar to post since then, looking for the best approach to print PST files without Outlook. Is it possible to print or save Outlook data as an Adobe Acrobat portable file?”

What Are the Benefits to Print Outlook PST Emails?

We are all familiar with the Outlook application, which is prone to corruption in a variety of ways, including oversized PST files, abrupt termination of Outlook profiles, hardware issues, or the intrusion of malicious or harmful software, all of which can harm Outlook data and result in PST file corruption. To avoid such issues, store Outlook emails in a secure file format.

How to Print PST Files without Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 on Windows OS

In other circumstances, if the number of emails is too enormous to archive all of them, retaining only the essential group of emails in portable file format is always the best option. Aside from that, while sharing crucial emails with others without enabling them to modify the text, it is always critical to preserve or print PST file emails. Meanwhile, portable formats enable users to secure data in a variety of ways, including password protection, the insertion of a watermark, and the addition of encryption to a portable document file. Thus, keeping the Outlook data in its whole is one of the safest strategies for preventing users from changing data from the original email.

 How do you save and print PST files Without Outlook Installation?

In order to save emails from PST file, you need to convert PST to PDF format. The manual technique, on the other hand, is only feasible if there are 5-10 emails. This means that when printing a large number of Outlook emails, it is best to use PST Converter. It has several advantages, including the ability to print PST emails while preserving data integrity. Along with that, there will be no file size constraints when converting and printing Outlook PST file emails.

The ability to save Outlook PST emails to portable files in different patterns is one of the software’s notable features. Subject, Subject+Date (DD-MM-YYYY), From+Subject+Date (YYYY-MM-DD), Auto incremental, and more patterns are available. When a user saves the generated file using one of these patterns, the portable document file may be instantly accessed based on the topic name, date, and so on. Furthermore, these naming conventions allow a user to categorise Outlook emails based on their requirements.

Final Words

When printing Outlook emails, it is preferable to utilise a reliable automated programme rather than rely on a manual technique. Because the manual method only allows you to print a certain quantity of Outlook emails. As a result, using the aforementioned third-party tool to batch convert PST files to portable format is the best option. It also lets you use several naming convention patterns for the output portable file. Emails from Outlook PST may now be easily printed or stored. However, using this tool you can also export PST emails to EML format.

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