How to Prepare for IIT JEE Entrance Exam?

IIT JEE Entrance exam is the dream of many aspirants. IIT-JEE is the Joint Entrance Examination for Architecture and Engineering Courses. There are around lakhs of students preparing for the IIT JEE entrance exam every year but only a few can achieve their destination. The IIT JEE entrance exam provides you with the opportunity to take admission to prestigious colleges such as NITs, IITs, or else. When someone is looking to crack the IIT JEE exam then there are a lot of doubts that come to their mind. How to prepare for IIT JEE Entrance exam? Is coaching compulsory? What would be the best study material to prepare for the IIT JEE entrance exam? And more. 

The IIT JEE entrance exam is divided into three-phase- Main, Advance and Architecture Aptitude Test (AAT). 

Few Tips to Prepare For IIT-JEE

There are various tips that will help you to Prepare for IIT JEE Entrance Exam and crack the exam. All you need to focus on these points and stick to them. :

Understand the Syllabus and Make a Plan 

Before starting your preparation for IIT JEE entrance exam you need to understand what you are preparing for and also about the syllabus and exam pattern. Check on the official website about the updated news and the examination pattern. This will help you in making the JEE main study plan accordingly. 

Understand the Concepts

Do not think to mug up the syllabus, this will not help you out anymore. Always try to understand the basics and the concept of each subject or the topic and revise it again and again. Practice makes you perfect, therefore, do not think to skip recall any topic that you have prepared. 

Avoid Reading Multiple Books

There are common mistakes done by many aspirants. They become confused by reading multiple books at the same time. Collect the books required to prepare for IIT JEE entrance exam. Try to solve the examples and summaries given in the NCERT books. This is quite helpful to prepare for IIT JEE entrance exam.

Schedule a Timetable And Try to Stick on It

You need to make a timetable for preparation and try to stick to it. Schedule your time according to your routine activities and stay consistent with it. Consistency is the key to success. You need to stay focused on what you are preparing for. Divide your study hours as per the subject or topic and also take a small break in between. 

Never Delay And Do Your Work on Time

Always try to work complete your work on time and do not delay it. As I said above consistency is much important. Never procrastinate in your preparation for IIT JEE entrance exam. Always make a routine target, weekly target to study and try to achieve it.


We all know that self-study is much important to prepare for IIT-JEE entrance exam but we cannot ignore the importance of an Institute. There are various IIT Institute in Yamuna Vihar to prepare for IIT JEE entrance exam. They are having the best faculties that provide the best coaching for JEE mains and help you in gaining the highest marks. You need to start your preparation for IIT JEE entrance exam with lots of patience. You need to avoid your mind to distract from anything. Stay away from any distractions. Start your preparation for IIT JEE entrance exam by setting a positive mindset because, in the end, this is you who is going to handle and face everything. Here you need to become your cheerleader. Get focused in your preparation for IIT JEE entrance exam and achieve the remarkable res


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