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How to prepare for CLAT Syllabus?

CLAT 2023 is just a few months away. You must have begun your CLAT preparations by now. But are you sure that you are making efforts in the right direction? Don’t worry; this article will provide tips and tricks to prepare for the CLAT syllabus

CLAT 2023 Exam

CLAT 2023 is scheduled for 18 December 2023. This year the exam will be held twice as the Consortium has decided to shift the exam dates from May to December. Due to the shift, the candidates had only 6 months to prepare for CLAT 2023. 

The CLAT exam is a centralized test meant to grant candidates admission into law courses. The courses include undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses. 22 NLUs and other private institutions will participate in the CLAT 2023 exam. National Law University is the only NLU not participating in CLAT 2023. It conducts its entrance exam separately, namely AILET.

CLAT 2023 Exam Pattern

The CLAT exam includes questions from 5 sections. These include the English Language, Legal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Techniques and Current Affairs, including general knowledge. The questions asked are in the form of reading paragraphs followed by a series of questions. The candidates must read and comprehend the information in the passage. They are further employing the understanding to answer the questions. The passages range from 300 to 450 words (different for each section). The intention is to assess the candidates’ various skills and abilities and not their factual knowledge. 

The question from each section will be based on your 12th-grade understanding, except for the Quantitative Technique section. The mathematical concepts included are of elementary level, i.e. 10th grade. The candidates must prepare for the sections according to the difficulty level of the section. It will help identify the extent to which candidates must explore a topic.

The maximum marks for the CLAT 2023 exam are 150, and the total number of questions is 150. The weightage of each section varies. The Consortium has shared the details about each section’s mark and question distribution.

S. No.  Sections Number of Questions Marks
English language 28-32  28-32
Legal Reasoning 35-39 35-39
Logical Reasoning 28-32 28-32
Current Affairs including General Knowledge 35-39 35-39
Quantitative Techniques 13-17 13-17

CLAT 2023 Syllabus

The CLAT exam focuses on the candidates’ skills like reading comprehension, critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and logic. Therefore the Consortium has outlined the abilities one must demonstrate in each section. It will help the candidates focus on the refinement of their skills along with the preparation of essential topics for each team. The abilities at focus in each section include:

English Language

  • Comprehend the passage’s focus through the arguments and viewpoints laid out in the passages.
  • Make conclusions and inferences based on the arguments and views mentioned.
  • Encapsulate the passage.
  • Draw parallels and differences in the opinions provided in the passage.
  • Understanding the vocabulary and phrases of the paragraph.

Current Affairs, including General Knowledge

Exhibit your awareness of current affairs and general knowledge, which includes:

  • Recent and relevant events of Indian and Global Importance.
  • Arts and Culture
  • International Affairs
  • Historical events that are still relevant.

Legal Reasoning

  • Outline the rules and principles in the passage and make relevant inferences.
  • Application of the deductions to situations provided.
  • Recognise the impact of altering rules and regulations on their application in varied conditions.

Logical Reasoning

  • Understand arguments and their subsequent premise and conclusions.
  • Comprehend the arguments laid out in the passage.
  • Critical analysis of reasoning patterns and understanding the impact of particular premises or evidence on the conclusions and inferences.
  • Make subsequent inferences and apply them to new scenarios.
  • Draw parallels and differences, similarities and contradictions and evaluate the effectiveness of the arguments.

Quantitative Techniques

  • Apply elementary mathematical concepts.
  • Comprehend the numerical data to derive further, infer and manipulate the numbers.

These skills are assessed through the CLAT exam. Once the candidates master these, their chances of getting a good CLAT score increase.

Tips to Prepare for CLAT syllabus

Since the exam does not just require mugging up facts, the candidates must focus on skills development. So, here are some tips to prepare effectively for the CLAT syllabus.

  1. Know your CLAT 2023 exam syllabus and exam pattern well. Knowing all the necessary details will help you judge what you must prepare for. 
  2. It would help if you had a study plan in place. The CLAT exam demands ongoing hard work. Regular practice and study routines will only help. Study with dedication and determination to ace the exam.
  3. Make your notes, preferably hand notes. If you have notes ready, you don’t have to go through all the study material during the last stages of preparations. You can easily refer to the notes you made. It helps save time and makes the revision process a little less tedious.
  4. Regularly read newspapers and weekly/monthly magazines to gain awareness of current affairs. 
  5. You must focus on your reading skills. As discussed above, the CLAT 2023 exam pattern is such that it includes passages followed by a series of questions. To attempt all the questions, one must possess refined reading skills. So that you can read and comprehend the passages effectively and efficiently. Otherwise, there are high chances that you might not be able to complete the CLAT exam.
  6. Take regular CLAT mock tests and Sample papers. They provide practice while you get acquainted with what the CLAT exam would look like. Mocks and Sample papers also offer scope for performance analysis. You can analyze your mock test and sample test to identify your areas of strength and weakness. 
  7. Focus on gaining efficiency and accuracy, as the CLAT exam is a timed test with negative markings.

The Consortium has announced that they plan to publish some preparatory material for UG-CLAT 2023. It will include :

  • Guides to the question paper and sample questions;
  • Model question papers; and
  • Instructional materials and exercises for each subject that the UG-CLAT 2023 comprises.

Once these resources are published, refer for better preparation for CLAT 2023. Visit the Consortium’s official website for further updates on CLAT 2023.

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