How to List Product Bundles on Amazon

An Amazon product bundle consists of two or three related items that are sold in one listing. It offers value and ease of use for the buyer, they can purchase everything they require in only one click.

Bundling products isn’t only for big brands. The third-party seller can combine well-known products and leverage existing brand recognition to help boost their distinctive brand.

This method lets you buy other products from different brands at wholesale costs, and then you create a distinct Amazon UPC and then package them under your brand’s name.

Wholesale bundles for sale on Amazon

This unique method for selling wholesale items is much easier than sourcing, creating, and launching a brand-new private brand on Amazon. 

If you already buy and sell other brands wholesale it is a fantastic option to stand out from your competitors who follow the same strategy.

It’s a great opportunity to make money selling on Amazon although you will be competing for the buy box with other sellers on the same page.

When you bundle products that complement one another You’ll get a stand-alone listing for which you’ll be the sole seller. There is nothing else to compete with than buying boxes!

Another advantage of selling bundles is that They can yield more profit than selling just a single item wholesale. 

It’s because you decide your price, without having to worry about another vendor cutting you off. Customers are often willing to pay more to enjoy the convenience of bundle packs.

How to make your customized bundle

Making an individual brand bundle items with custom packaging stops the other vendors from selling their products on your listing. 

While other sellers may discover all the items that you’ve bundled together but they’ll not be able to sell on your page because their offerings will not be exactly similar to yours.

Because the products you bundle are already well-known so you don’t need to establish your brand like you would with private label products. 

Your PPC campaigns could also be more efficient and profitable since you’ll be promoting products customers already love and know about.

Does Amazon permit you to do this?

I’m sure that many of you might be thinking about whether Amazon permits bundling different brands and products into one account. The answer is yes!

We will never endorse any business plan that violates the Amazon Conditions of Service. We recommend you to read the Amazon Product Bundling Policy carefully if you intend to offer an item bundle.

Amazon’s bundle guidelines.

  • Bundles should contain highly complementary products
  • A bundle could be made up of various items that are branded.
  • The identifier for any single product within the bundle could not be the primary identification for the whole bundle.
  • The use of a UPC of any one product that is part of an assortment to identify the complete bundle could result in the immediate elimination from the list. It is your responsibility to obtain the UPC for every bundle you design.

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