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How to draw a farm.

How to draw a farm.

Create a great form with easy, step-by-step farm drawing instructions and video tutorials. Great for kids and budding artists. 

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A farm is a property dedicated to agriculture – keeping useful plants and animals, mostly for food. Farms worldwide vary in their production – cattle and wheat in Central America; Fruit trees in Florida and California, USA; Pineapple in Hawaii, Olive in Europe, Bananas and coffee in the tropics; Farms have also become a symbol of antiquity in popular culture, dating back to the “good old days.” This may be because a century ago, many families engaged in a certain level of farming to supplement their diets, such as keeping livestock and gardens. Today, the tradition is largely broken by large-scale agricultural work, cooling off, urbanization, and “day jobs”.

Step-by-step instructions for creating the farm

Space Drawing – Step 1

Start by drawing the rolling hills. Draw long, curved lines that overlap and connect.

Space Drawing – Step 2

Build a shed on the highest hill. First, use straight lines to close the heptagon or hexagonal shape. The top of the hill will serve as the seventh side. It outlines the front of the shed. Then draw parallel straight lines on the top four sides. Attach them with curved lines at the corners, and make

 the shed’s roof.

Then use straight lines to close a rectangle, again with the top of the hill on the fourth side. Draw straight lines parallel to them, connecting them with a curved line in the corner. Finally, draw two vertical, parallel lines in the centre of the rectangle. This completes the sliding door.

Step by step instructions

Draw with confidence while tracing image worksheets. Get the exact size ratio with the grid worksheets.  Relax and have fun with printable colouring pages. Succeed in drawing with our simple drawing guides. Download your ebook.

Space Drawing – Step 3

Use pairs of parallel lines to draw “X” shapes on each door.

Space Drawing – Step 4

Make a window in the shed roof or top story. First, draw a square. Then draw a slightly larger square around it parallel to all the lines. Then, attach a narrow rectangle to it. Draw horizontal parallel lines above the window and a circle above the lines. Make some small rectangles here and there on the front of the shed to give it a brick structure.

Place Drawing – Step 5

Use curved lines that meet sharp points to pull grass falling from the wind. Make the grass with more curved lines.

Place Drawing - Step 5

Space Drawing – Step 6

Delete instructions from behind the scenes. Then, pull a tree in front of the shed. Use a few curved lines to outline the hill. Then use several attached “U” shaped lines to outline the top of the cloudy tree. Draw a tree structure with small lines.

Space Drawing – Step 7

Pull a picket fence. For each vertical gate post, draw a tall, narrow Pentagon. Shade, a small circle near the top. Then connect the gate posts with a pair of straight lines.

Space Drawing – Step 8

 Pull the bushes behind the stitches with the connected “U” shaped lines. Then draw the trunk of the tree with a few curved lines. Close the crown or treetop with inlaid “U” shaped lines, making the tree and shrubs smaller.

Place Drawing - Step 9

Pull the plants and flowers that grow along the hills. Use the attached “U” lines to outline the green. Its structure with short lines. Use curved lines for flower stems and circles for flower heads. Create floral arrangements with curved lines.

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