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How to choose washbasins for luxury bathrooms?

Out of all the rooms and spaces in your house, you will agree that bathrooms are the ones which provide perfect relaxation. As a homeowner, you will know that it is the one space that serves to be the perfect for relaxation and indulge in a much-needed refreshing bath. When it comes to designing bathrooms, there are various elements to it. While having it designed, many factors need to be looked into. These include everything from the looks, functionality, durability, and other factors. Out of the many elements for the right bathroom design, you will know the wash basin is one of the critical elements for sure. Many accessories need to be arranged, so if you have your home constructed or renovated in Osborne Park, you need the proper bathroom shops Osborne Park for all the best supplies.

The great importance of choosing the right washbasins for luxury bathrooms

Whether it is a luxury bathroom or a simple one, there can be no denying the great importance of the right choice of washbasins. They occupy the very focal point in terms of the bathroom’s aesthetics. If you are to look at the many options available for Bathroom Supplies Osborne Park or, for that matter, bathroom supplies in Perth, you will be confused about choosing the right one. Out of the many bathroom supplies, we can tell you choosing the suitable washbasin amidst the host of options available requires much knowledge. After reading this blog, we hope you will have a clear idea about how to go about this all-important job. 

Knowing the wash basin types for luxury bathrooms

When choosing the washbasin for your bathrooms, the first and foremost step is familiarizing yourself with the different types of bathrooms. These can be as follows:

Countertop washbasins

Out of the many types of wash basins which are perfect for luxury bathrooms, countertop washbasins are very common and widely used. They are also known as self-rimming washbasins or drop-in washbasins. They offer many benefits. To begin with, the obvious one is the fact they provide excellent aesthetics. Apart from the fact they look good, they are great for durability. It sure is one of the best choices you have for washbasins for luxury bathrooms.

The pedestal wash basins

Out of the many choices for washbasins for luxury bathrooms, pedestal wash basins are a popular choice. They usually come as one compact unit. They are very much preferred for guest bathrooms. It is because of the sleekness they offer in their looks. They consume minimum space. It is a good option for bathrooms, where space is a constraint. The reason is that compared to other basins, they consume less space.

Wall mount washbasins

As the name itself suggests, wall mount basins are the ones that are placed on the walls of the bathrooms. They are usually mounted on the walls with screws. Depending on your preferences, you can decide the height and position of the wall-mounted washbasins. If you choose wall-mounted machines for your bathroom, you need to ensure they are light in weight. They are fixed with screws on the walls, and a heavy load might damage them; thus, apart from other factors, you need to make sure they are light.

The under-counter washbasins

If you want wash basins that are easy to clean, then under counter washbasins are the best choice you have. Since these do not have rims to store debris, they are convenient and straightforward to clean and maintain. If you too want the same, you can choose under counter wash basins.

The above-counter

You can opt for the above counter wash basins if you want something innovative. These rise above the counter on which they are placed; they look different. It is another popular washbasin you can choose. 


To conclude, we hope we have been able to give you a pretty good idea about the choices of washbasins for luxury bathrooms. Depending on your preferences and requirements, you can decide. While choosing the wash basins however you need to consider aesthetics, functions and durability. But no matter what type of wash basin you want you need the right bathroom supplies shop Perth is what you need to visit for your home in Perth. 

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