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How to Check Plagiarism for Free Online and Easily.

There are many plagiarism actions when creating a written work, so before publication, it’s a good idea to check plagiarism for free online. To check plagiarism online is quite easy, because there are already many sites providing plagiarism checking tools that will be very helpful for bloggers and written works such as journals, theses, and so on.

Free Plagiarism Checker Sites

1. Copyleaks

The first plagiarism check site is Copyleaks. This site has been widely used by writers to researchers to detect writings before publication. If you want to try using the plagiarism checker tool for free and accurately, you can visit and register first on the Copyleaks website.
An interesting advantage on this site is that there is a choice of languages available, and it already supports various document formats to check.

2. Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is also a web that provides plagiarism checking features that are quite in demand. Here you can use the plagiarism check tool for free and paid to get more benefits.
The writing that you paste in the column provided, will be detected automatically so that you will know how much of your writing is exactly the same as the writings on the Internet.

3. Quetext

The next plagiarism checking site is Quetext which you can use for free. To start using it you can first register on the official Quetext website, and the process of creating a disni account is very easy and fast.
After creating a Quetext account, you can try to check plagiarism by pasting the writing you want and click “Check for plagiarism“. Automatically, Quetext will detect how much of your writing is exactly the same as someone else’s writing on the Internet.

4. Plagiarism Detector

The next plagiarism detector site is Plagiarism. The site has a fairly simple appearance, and it can be used easily and for free. This site already supports as many as 190 languages in the world.
In addition, this site also supports checking plagiarism through links, and files that you can upload in TXT, HTML, RTF, MS WORD DOC, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, XLS, PDF, ODT, EPUB, FB2 formats.

5. Plagiarism Checker

The site is also reliable to check plagiarism in written works. You can use the plagiarism checker tool easily and for free.
You can only check the writing with a maximum of 1000 words. In addition to paste the writing in the column that has been provided, you can also use the URL column to check the writing of an article or upload a file.
You can visit the Plagiarism Checker site to use its tools for free.

6. PlagScan

The next plagiarism check site is PlagScan. To use the plagiarism check tool here, you must first create an account.
You just need to enter the text of the text you want to check, or upload a file then just click “Check Plagiarism“. The detectable word limit is as much as 2000 words per search.
You can visit the PlagScan site to try it out.

7. Duplichecker

The last plagiarism check site is Duplichecker. You can use the plagiarism checker tool easily and for free.
To start using it, you can paste the text in the box provided, then check the column “I’m not a robot” then click Check Plagiarism. In addition, on this site you can also upload written documents, and also support checking plagiarism through URLs that allow users to want to check plagiarism in articles directly.
The text limit for checking plagiarism here is as much as 1000 words per search. If there is no match which means that your writing is plagiarism-free, a “No Plagiarism Detected” notification will appear. If your writing has plagiarism, then there will be a notification in the form of percentages and also sources that have similarities with your writing.
Finally, those are some recommendations for online plagiarism checking sites that you can use easily and quickly. This plagiarism checker site is quite helpful in knowing the level of plagiarism of a written work. Hopefully, this information will be useful!

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