How to Boost Business Growth with Instagram

Social media platforms are a key component in any business. They keep you engaged with your customers and share information in real-time. Instagram is one such social media platform. It has enabled many businesses to flourish over time, and we can see many of them focusing more on this platform compared to others.

Instagram offers many opportunities for small or already established businesses. With a better organic reach and over 1 billion monthly users, we can agree that it is an essential platform for digital marketing. It has become a global platform for branding, and many brands have utilized it to promote their products, recruit new employees and create a loyal customer base. Since it is not a new platform, there has been plenty of information available on maximizing its potential. If you are still unsure how to get started, we have created this guide to help you.

Why Should You Market on Instagram?

The visual nature of Instagram plays an important role in digital marketing and gives it a huge advantage over other social media platforms. It is the best platform to exhibit your products and content if your business has a noticeable result.

Whatever visual content you use, your marketing strategy is the main driving factor for your sales. Instagram can offer your business many benefits with proper management of your presence. This is why establishing a strategy before getting started is crucial. You can follow our tips to maximize these benefits.

Tips To Boost Your Business Growth on Instagram

Determine your Goals for Instagram

Goals can help you develop your strategy in a much better manner and they also keep you focused and consistent. So, before getting started, you must ask yourself why you are using this platform and what you want to achieve. Determining your goals early on can help you succeed in the long run, and you can even justify your investment.

There is no exact answer for your goals as every business differs from each other. Maybe you are on Instagram to sell products like Nike, maybe you use it as a portfolio to share LIVE content of your service, you use it to build awareness, or maybe you use it to spread user-generated content. There is no set limit to these goals, and whatever your business type may be, you can have multiple goals. If you are familiar with your goals and strategy, you will know how to measure your performance.

Determine your Instagram Audience

Knowing your audience is another crucial step in boosting your growth. You must consider the age, location, interests, gender, and preferences of your audience before posting anything. Audience identification can help you craft ads, relevant content, and presence, which will drive more conversions.

Set Up Your Profile

Everything in your profile, such as your profile picture and bio must reflect your brand. Once you have identified your goals and your target audience, you must go through your profile after setting up your business account. This step might seem simple, but it is crucial as Instagram keeps evolving and there are always new features and settings. Also, consider other important items of a business profile like updating the business categories, hours, locations, contacting method, and product links.

Optimize Your Bio

The next step after setting your profile is checking your bio. Whether you want to add your business description or a website link, your bio must be refined and optimized so it can grab the attention of your audience. An ideal bio will help them understand everything about your business in a few words, and if they like what they see, they’ll probably follow you.

Create A Consistent Posting Schedule

content scheduling calender

People are drawn towards brands they find trustable. One way to create loyal customers is to post your content consistently. Do a survey and find out the time where your ideal customers are most active, and create a schedule for your posts.

Use Instagram LIVE and Stories

Instagram Live

You can go into more depth and details of your brand with Instagram LIVE and stories features. These tools are a great way to increase interaction with polls and other widgets, and they give a personality to your business.

Stories disappear in 24 hours, but you can add them to highlights to prolong their life. They appear above your grid, and you can add these things to them:

  • Post your vision, mission, and your values
  • Add customer reviews
  • Share information about frequently asked questions
  • Highlight your products with multiple stories by going into their details

Use Your Business’ Hashtags

HashtagsHashtags are signposts that bring customers to your account and create more interactions. People use hashtags to navigate their interests. You can use multiple hashtags in your post, but you should select only the top 10 related ones. You can even create a hashtag for your brand. Be consistent in using your hashtags in every post, and you can even add them to your stories.

Host A Giveaway

What is one thing that people love more than sales? Free stuff!

A giveaway is one of the best ways to grow organically on Instagram. It creates more interactions, and you can even add requirements like following your account, commenting, or even tagging friends. You can also team up with another business to hold a giveaway. This strategy is an ideal way to grow your presence.

Offer “Followers-Only” Promotions

Exclusive sales are another tactic to increase your business’ presence. Many people have admitted to following an account just to get a perk. Running a followers-only promotion for a limited team creates more engagement and a solid customer base. You can be more creative and use countdown stories to create more hype about these promotions.

Track Your Analytics

Instagram Analytics

You can use Instagram’s analytics tool to track the performance of each post. There is a “view insights” option under each post, you can click on it to see your content’s reach. This data is essential for your marketing strategy and can be the backbone for future improvements. Understand the difference between network-specific metrics like impression and reach to plan your future marketing strategies.


These tips are excellent for growing brand awareness and achieving organic growth. A reliable internet connection is vital to keep you in touch with your customers, so you don’t miss out on any of their inquiries. You can always trust Spectrum Triple Play or Spectrum ultra-speed internet plans to fulfill your connectivity needs. Social media is all about building relationships. With a proper marketing strategy and smart use of Instagram tools, you can create a lasting connection with your customers.  

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