How to Approach a Jewelry Manufacturing Company?

Approaching or finding a jewelry manufacturing company can be a kind of tedious task. So this article covers some fundamental tips that you have to keep in mind or take care of, for example- what to ask. And, what to even look for when it comes to finding a manufacturing company, etc.

  • Your jewelry style – 

The first thing is to figure out what kind of jewelry style you want. Whether you want your jewelry to be simplistic and dainty, or do you want it to be chunky and kind of out, or what type of style do you want. It is to help because it’s going to drop a lot of other manufacturers if they don’t match that desired style. Choosing your type of stuff is the most important factor in this regard.

  • Materials you want to use – what kind of material you want. It can be sterling silver over brass, gold-plated, or gold-filled. It is an essential factor to look for when searching for your manufacturers. The reason is that it’s going to drop a lot of them. It is valid only if you are only searching for one specific material.
  • Try many manufacturers – do not use the first manufacturer always that you see. Do not fall in love with the very first manufacturer that you find. And, or even that you buy from. It is completely okay if you like using products from that manufacturer. But, don’t put yourself in a scenario where you invest all your savings or money for one manufacturer only. Have a few manufacturers to try out like two or three for your earrings, a ring inventory, and two manufacturers for necklaces. Working it in that way will help you to choose the best jewelry manufacturer.
  • Build relationships – you need to try and build a relationship with them from the start. This is because the manufacturers are trying to work for you to push out their products for you to buy. Maintaining a good relationship will help your business in the long run because if you build a good relationship with them. They might try to ship your products out earlier or faster and might do custom orders for you.
  • Look at MOQs – you should look at their minimum order quantity. It is suitable to go with the manufacturer that has a buy of at least 500 pieces. If you’re on any e-commerce website, they usually do high quantities. You want to either ask them if they would go lower or if you can afford that as well. If you’re on a site like fashion, go for Amazon or something like that. Look at how much is in a pack, often with these types of sites. A pack is two to four or sometimes 12 pieces. It depends on you and figuring out what is going to work for you.
  • Pay attention to shipping rates – paying attention to the manufacturers, shipping rates, and shipping time is a key factor. Because you don’t want to spend so much on shipping. Frequently, how it goes like the more you spend, the cheaper shipping is. The more products you have in your cart or the more quantity you have in your cart. The cheaper the shipping is. You also want to figure out if they’re overseas, you have to factor in that. Their shipping time is going to be a lot longer if they’re compared to. If they’re in your country or even the same state, then once you have an idea of their shipping rates. And, where they’re going to be shipping from and the materials that they use for their products.
  • Time to sample – You can also ask them about sampling a product. So let’s say if they have like a minimum order quantity of like 100 pieces. But you are not ready to order 100 pieces of that product. You need to talk to them and ask them if they’re willing to give you a sampling price. This will vary depending on the manufacturer, and it must be sticking with your budget. Figuring out how many pieces you want to sample from that manufacturer and how many pieces you want to sample in total is important. Sometimes when you encounter the manufacturers, they may have no problem with you sampling a product. Sometimes they’ll discount the product price, and they’ll let you sample one or two pieces, but the shipping is going to kind of make up for that. So it doesn’t help as much, but at the same time, it helps because you’re not going to buy something like a huge bulk order. But you are going to be higher, have a higher shipping rate.
  • Ask questions – You can ask any questions that you have for that manufacturer, they are here to help you. Never feel like you’re asking too many questions because you want to buy their product and if they’re like a good business and a good manufacturer, they’re going to have no issue answering your questions.
  • Often Communicate – A little bonus tip is to communicate with your manufacturer. Communicate with them after you got your product and once you’ve had it, check if there are any flaws or if there’s anything that you might want to change going forward, you know communicating with them will help you if they are a good and reliable one.


These are the tips for looking for a manufacturer or what to ask and what to do once you find a manufacturer. For those looking for jewelry manufacturers in Texas, the place has various options to choose from. These tips will help you clear your confusion if you are struggling in finding a good manufacturer. Most of the time, it doesn’t have to be a smooth sailing process, and it won’t even be a quick process you might think of.


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