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How should You Calculate Your Bandwidth | Bangladesh Online

The bandwidth you have for your network decides the capacity of data transferring. This transfer between users, sites, and servers can be done at speed based on how much capacity is available. Bangladesh Online (BOL) by Beximco, known for its innovative service mechanism, explains that when you get a hosting package, you get the option to choose the bandwidth. When you calculate it as per your requirements, you can choose the right one. These requirements can vary depending on whether a user is a beginner or a professional.

3 Parameters to Help You Calculate Bandwidth Needs | Bangladesh Online

A suitable bandwidth is ideal for a beginner. This is because his/her website might not have a high number of users right from the beginning. Such a requirement can be fulfilled with a basic web hosting plan.

But as your audience becomes wider, the need for better bandwidth gets formed. With 3 important parameters, as per BOL, you can calculate the capacity you need. Since miscalculating this requirement can majorly affect your site, paying heed to these parameters becomes all the more important.

  1. Number of Visitors in a Month (Bangladesh Online)

Websites that draw immense traffic can require a seamless transfer of data. If not, then the users may find it less convenient to access such a website. Therefore, you should initially determine the number of users expected in a month. It will be better if you can have an estimate of the number for several months, as per the Bangladeshi internet service provider. Then, for this duration, you can connect with your ISP to suggest a suitable plan.

  1. Views for Website Pages (Bangladesh Online)

Sometimes, several users may visit your website. They may access its pages too. Bangladesh Online by Beximco suggests that when they access more pages, you will need good bandwidth to support data transfer. On the contrary, when the users check your site but do not open/find several pages, a basic hosting solution can work.

  1. Web Page Size

An important parameter to calculate bandwidth is to check how big the pages of your site are. This can also have an effect on the transfer’s capacity, opines Bangladesh Online by Beximco. As you increase the size of the page, it can incorporate more information. Thus, higher bandwidth becomes essential, mainly for professional website owners.

Tip: Every website can have the potential to grow. On observing the same for your site too at some point in time, you can opt for 50% greater bandwidth than the one estimated by you. Thus, you will not have to frequently change your hosting plan.

In the End

As per the Bangladeshi internet service provider, bandwidth is an important range that demands your attention. It can have various effects on your website. When these effects are extremely negative, your website’s visitors can have an unlikely experience. To maintain this experience along with several other aspects, you should choose the right bandwidth. By knowing the main parameters that help you calculate it, you can select the one best for your website.

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